"What happened to General Wang?" A sense of foreboding appeared in Muqingfeng’s mind.

"Look outside the city, I didn’t expect these barbarians to be so despicable," said Wang Qi, gnashing her teeth.
Mu Qingfeng was shocked to see the city. Outside the moat, it was a group of people in summer. The first one was actually wearing a summer official.
"This! !” Muqingfeng breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
"South Lincheng men, I am in front of Wuning County, Zhang County magistrate, Qinglang Khan, with hundreds of thousands of grassland warriors to give us light, don’t resist, hurry up and hit the gate to meet Khan! ! Khan has ordered that those who surrender first will be rewarded first! " Civilian-looking population shouted
"Shut up! You’re a dog traitor. You’re still an official in Summer. Are you worthy of the people in Summer? How can you be a dog for a barbarian regardless of your identity? !” Vicky couldn’t help swearing when she heard Zhang county magistrate’s words.
I want to come to this county magistrate Zhang, and I also know Wang Qi. I am not angry when I hear his words. "General Zhang’s words are poor. There is a saying that good birds choose wood and good ministers choose their masters, while Shi Khan carries mountain soldiers to come here. Do we not conform to the destiny? General Wang is very uncomfortable in the south Lincheng, even the county magistrate in Wuning has heard about it, but the people in the mausoleum and Wangfu are oppressed by the people in Yuewangfu, and even the salary can’t be collected on time. So the general doesn’t follow the general trend and join the Qinglang clan to seek common cause? Khan knows that the general will be very important when he runs the army well. Please think twice! "
"I think twice about your mother! !” Wang Qi couldn’t stand the shame of Zhang County Magistrate, grabbed a soldier’s bow and arrow around him and shot an arrow at Zhang County Magistrate.
Perhaps the wind was a little strong, and Wang Qi lost her aim. This arrow didn’t take away the magistrate’s life, but shot off his official hat.
"My mother! !” Zhang county magistrate shouted, sat down and touched his head and found that he was still hiding behind a blue wolf soldier and cursing; "You are an unappreciative thing really take yourself as a character? If you don’t surrender, we’ll cut you to pieces when we hit South Lincheng! ! When the time comes, always ask Khan to kill your family! !”
At this time, a leader dressed up and pushed the crowd out slowly. Mu Qingfeng looked intently and saw that he was Han Mu’s deputy. The literati dressed up beside him was none other than his sworn enemy-Mr. Zhan.
"The general will be angry, and Zhang County magistrate will also fight if you don’t agree with each other. I heard that this is not in line with your summer demeanor. Listen to me and advise you to surrender. I want you to lead the army to vote for me. I swear to the wolf totem that I will make you the vanguard of our army!" Green Wolf clan sweat mouth said
"Ha ha shit sweat something you fly over the moat to talk to me again want me to surrender! !” Britain-based authority. "
"In that case, don’t blame the Khan for being ruthless. After listening to the incense, the army attacked the city without a single man! !” Herbatu said maliciously
When the Green Wolf clan attacked, Wang Qi froze. Not only that, but everyone in the wall froze.
It’s not barbarians who come to attack the city, but people in tattered clothes. When they see people with bloody faces, they are carrying sandbags and throwing them into the moat under the command of the Blue Wolf clan. The speed of the moat is visible to the naked eye.
"This Mr. Thousands of pieces!" Mu Qingfeng gnashed her teeth and said that such vicious siege tactics must be suspected by Mr. Zhan
"What should we do if the moat is filled? We will be in danger. We won’t be able to hold on when we are understaffed!" Mu Chongshan said anxiously
Wang Qi’s face is twisted. He knows that going to Nanling City in this way will definitely fall, but he can’t shout the word "release the arrow", not only the soldiers around him, but also his hands are shaking and he doesn’t know what to do.
There are old people, women and even children on the border. They are carrying sandbags in the whip of the Blue Wolf clan. Those who want to escape are hacked to death with random knives. There is no way they can go forward. Wuning County is not far from the south Lincheng, and many soldiers know the border people.
Baby, don’t shoot an arrow. I’m your uncle. "
"Big brother and younger brother are forced not to kill me!"
"Dad, I’m Ada. Don’t shoot an arrow!"
The crowd kept calling for the remaining fighting spirit to almost dissipate.
"Dear people in the summer, I’m Ling Wangshi, and I won’t go forward. We’ll shoot arrows when we go forward!" Muqingfeng shouted
"Help us, we don’t want to die!"
"The help! Don’t kill us! We are forced! "
Looking at the weeping crowd, Mu Qingfeng’s lips were bleeding.
"Xia Min, listen, I know you are forced, but if you don’t stop, I can make you think about what will happen to your family in South Lincheng after the south Lincheng is broken. Is it true that a siege will let them go as cannon fodder? Do you have the heart to have your white-haired parents, gentle and virtuous wives and naughty and lovely children die in a battle? Can’t help but die in vain, but also carry the status of barbarian lackeys. Are you really willing? Don’t you know how barbarian dog thieves treat your village? Do you have the heart to turn South Lincheng into a fallen place and your friends and relatives into barbarian slaves? I beg you, stop it. If you don’t stop, I will make it. "Say Muqingfeng kneels on the spot in Chengtou and kowtows to people outside the city. Blood soon turns red around the ground. Ling Wang Jun can’t bear to see Ling Wangshi and then look at the city. People don’t know what to do.
The crowd was persuaded by Mu Qingfeng’s words that the speed of filling the river was greatly slowed down. When Herbatu saw it, he was furious and ordered the Qinglang people to kill many stagnant people. This aroused people’s dissatisfaction. Some people in the crowd rose up and rebelled and shouted, "I’ll fight with you!"
Unfortunately, it was quickly suppressed. After the leader was killed, people filled the river again. This time, no one cried out for mercy. Everyone was a mechanical porter.
See this scene has a full face of blood MuQingFeng metal gray face up bitten to grind.
"Put an arrow! !” Wang Qi grabbed Mu Qingfeng’s mouth and ordered the soldiers to look at me. I see that although you were moved by Mu Qingfeng’s words, no one drew a bow and arrow.
There is not much left in the moat. Knowing that the situation is critical, Wang Qi shouted, "Brothers, if you are filled in the soft-hearted moat, we can narrowly guard the city and the people will become a battle cannon fodder. Do you want this? Do you want your parents and children to be shot dead in front of a city? ! !”
Although many people still can’t bear to hear Wang Qi’s words, most people still slowly raise their bows and arrows.
"I’ll bear all the consequences. Everybody aim! !” After Wang Qi gave the order, the foot soldiers pulled the bowstring.
"General Wang" Mu Qingfeng just wanted to say something, and Mu Chongshan stood in front of him and said softly; "The world still let General Wang perform his duties." Although Mu Qingfeng still wants to move forward, Mu Chongshan is like a steady mountain blocking his way.
"Put an arrow! ! !” Britain-based authority they practiced shouted
In an instant, the wall shot an overwhelming rain of arrows and ran away toward the ground crowd.
Many summer people fell to the ground. Surprisingly, even the weakest women didn’t retreat in the face of death. Maybe they knew that retreating was also a dead end. Maybe they were moved by Mu Qingfeng’s words and didn’t want to die. They all waited quietly for death. Maybe every summer has a heart that doesn’t want to die.
After several rounds of arrows and rain, a living man went outside the city. There was no summer man’s body all over the road. Many people died with a serene face as if they had been relieved. However, the living man was suffering. Many soldiers had sobbed low, and it was their own hands that ruined one fresh life outside the city.
Mr. Zhan saw that all the people who filled the river had been shot, so he called Zhang county magistrate to the side to defect and treason and told him quietly
In a short time, Zhang county magistrate came to the south near the city under the escort of barbarian soldiers. This time, Zhang county magistrate learned a good lesson and was afraid of being shot dead by soldiers who were angry with the wall and hid behind a big shield.
"South Lincheng soldiers, you all saw that this is your general and this is your mausoleum Wang Shi." Zhang county magistrate broke his voice again.
"In the face of unarmed koo people, they actually ordered the Ministry to shoot. It’s cruel to work for such people. Aren’t you afraid of being stabbed in the back one day? Look at how much Qinglang Khan cherishes his own people and will never let the prairie people sacrifice in vain. Why don’t you kill Ling Wangshi and Wang Qi Khan quickly? Khan has ordered that the first one who killed Wang Shiren of Ling be rewarded with the commander, and the first one who killed Wang Qiren be rewarded with the commander as revenge for the dead people. Do it quickly! !”
"Shut your dog’s mouth. If it weren’t for your deadly trap, how could we sacrifice your body in vain? Why didn’t you come out first when the people were oppressed just now? Is it just that you study sages to make you betray your country and seek glory? Is it just that your parents gave birth to you to make you a dog for barbarians? !” Wang Qi swore at the city wall and shot the Koo people with her own password. The heavy burden is crushing this mountain of Han.
Zhang county magistrate’s face is black and blue, and it won’t feel too good to be scolded by people or a dog. He paused for a while and shouted; "That doesn’t change the fact that you are an executioner’s hand. Waiting for the summer court to know about it, I see how you can explain to the families of the dead people! !”
"Are you still worried about summer people will tear your dog traitor! !” Wang Qi laughed.
Looking at the laughter, Wang Qi Mu Qingfeng was inexplicably sad. Because he was not far from Wang Qi, he clearly saw that Wang Qi’s eyes were crying and the water was so harsh on her dark cheeks.
Ignore the rampage outside Zhang county magistrate Wang Qi stopped laughing and turned to Muqingfeng and said; "The world laughed at me. Lao Wang is a sincere man. He can’t hide the suffering of the people, so he gave them a ride."
"General Wang, you don’t have to worry about it. This is a military emergency. There is no way." Mu Qingfeng wants to solve the problem of Wang Qi.
"There is no need to say more" Wang Qi stopped waving her hand and wanted to say something about Mu Qingfeng "I, Wang Qi, have been in the army for almost 30 years. In those days, we won the prairie war here and saved the summer. Since that day, I have remembered that the king of war said that the last barrier of the summer in the south of the city must be lost. So far, I have been oppressed by Yue Wang for several years. Wang Junyong, our mausoleum, didn’t come to heaven first. The sighted king sent the world to support us. Wang Qi not only didn’t fight the enemy but was buried. Sent us a lot of people in the summer. The dog traitor outside has one thing to say about this matter. Anyway, we must give an account to the court. I think I can trust the ministries to the temple. "
Listening to these words, Mu Qingfeng flashed a very bad idea. Before he could see Wang Qi laughing, he said to the people’s congresses around him, "I’m afraid Wang Qi is afraid of the harsh military law. I’m afraid I can’t bear it. I’ll make amends to them first! !” Say that finish britain-based authority jumped high wall! !
"General wang! !” Mu Qingfeng was frightened to disgrace, but he still came. Soon he heard the heavy landing sound of Wang Qi.
"general! !”
"general! ! !”