Ke Mengchao finally became soft and snorted "Don’t look at me in the mirror."

Hua Zhen line this just look back at the mirror is surprised, "who is this? It’s a bit like me. The face in the mirror is not Hua Zhen, although it looks very similar.
With a snap of his finger, Kefu’s face gradually turned into an illusory outline, and Hua Zhen’s face appeared in the mirror. These two faces were in a wrong position and overlapped. Kefu added, "You have practiced Yuan-raising to the third level."
Hua Zhen trip "I don’t have the third level yet"
This is not modesty. Only when Hua Zhen has completed the third-level training and passed the examination to obtain the third-level training certificate can he truly have a third-level training teacher.
Kefu shook his head and said, "You don’t understand it in the right way. For example, you have entered the university but haven’t graduated yet. It’s right to say that you are a college student. Can you understand it?"
Hua Zhenxing nodded and said, "I can understand that I’m getting started now and I’m practicing the third-level husband. Am I an expert?"
Kefu didn’t answer. He glanced at the Hua Zhen line hanging on the mouse pad mirror and immediately understood the meaning of his old man’s house-can you say that you are a master in this skill before me?
Hua Zhen certainly won’t put a low profile. "I understand that your family is the real peerless master. I’m still far from it."
Kefu looked up slightly and said, "I never care what a master is not a master."
Hua Zhenxing quickly changed his tune and said, "You are a peerless master!"
Coffey: "Don’t talk about this. I can only teach you a technique of following the operation of Qi and blood, sensing the fine-tuning surface and locking the adjustment result. It’s like a spell. You can understand it and cast it, but you can do it yourself … Now close your eyes and look at the mirror."
How to look in the mirror with your eyes closed? But Hua Zhen did it very obediently, and his scene disappeared, but the mirror still appeared. Kefu didn’t say anything, but Huazhenxing was white. This is what Yuan Shen saw. He told him that the realm was natural before Yang Lao’s head.
This is the first time he realized what kind of ability it is to be like the mind of the yuan god. It’s neither true nor unreal, it’s both virtual and real, and it can’t be expressed in words. It’s like imagination and memory.
You think about a thing, close your eyes, and then you really see it. It is either a vague imagination or a concrete sensory presentation.
The mirror is still his face, and the outline of another virtual shadow is staggered and overlapped. At this time, Cove puts his face with his hands and pinches it like a facial massage, while giving a skill.
Chapter 45, You are not the only lucky one.
Plastic surgery needs to look at the basic operation and clearly sense one’s own skin, skin tissue, bones and muscles, and even the change of the position of each blood vessel and nerve. Plastic surgery can fine-tune the face, but it is impossible to adjust it arbitrarily. The allowable limit is not how to pinch it.
Slight movement of body tissue will construct different facial contours. This displacement should be close to nature, as if it were to regrow. Cove held it for about an hour and a half and explained it for such a long time.
Although Hua Zhen closed his eyes, he could see his face in the mirror. The slightly strange outline gradually overlapped. When he heard Cove say, "All right, open your eyes," he quickly opened his eyes only to find that the mouse pad had been put back when he didn’t know it.
Hua Zhenxing touched out his mobile phone only to find that the screen failed to show his face and the password was entered before he succeeded. How can I say this? He looks very similar to himself at the moment, but he has matured a lot, just like his brother Cove, who has been separated for many years, asked again, "Does it feel more upright?" I can also try to plastic to this extent. "
Shi Hua Zhen Xing feels a little awkward. He has to keep his knowledge of the gods at all times to maintain this face, which has a continuous consumption of physical strength and energy, but this consumption is very weak, even if it is maintained for a long time, it is no problem. However, if he keeps his knowledge of the gods and runs naturally with qi and blood, his face will slowly become the original.
Hua Zhen line sincerely praised "thank you for the stunt! You are really amazing! "
Kemengchao motioning with his hand "minor operation! Because today is the first time for you to build a plastic shop, I personally helped you adjust it and pay it back for so long. You should remember that I have to do it quickly and naturally after every step. I just said the precautions, and you must also keep in mind. "
Plastic surgery is limited and can be adjusted according to a person’s innate conditions, so it can’t be very large. For example, Hua Zhen can be shaped like this, but it is absolutely impossible to turn his face into a shire.
Plastic surgery can fool facial recognition software, but the performer can’t really become another person, and there are other information such as sound and posture that can be recognized.
Moreover, it also has a subtle influence. If the same plastic image is made and maintained for a long time, it is often used in self-consciousness, so the appearance will gradually grow into a plastic shape. If you don’t want to do this, don’t always make it a temporary means.
Another limitation is that you must remember all the subtle steps to adjust a face, otherwise you may turn the face into another one again.
Hua Zhenxing nods, "I remember it all. Thank you! This skill can make people look like plastic. If it is the whole thing, it will be the highest surgery. "
Ke Mengchao shook his head. "You take it for granted that the so-called plastic surgery is not me. Your surgery is your own surgery! Do you have anything to do with ordinary people? "
Hua Zhen trip "seems to have no practice!"
Ke Mengchao: "This is exactly what I want to warn you to remember what you receive."
Hua Zhen trip "You said I was listening"
Ke Mengchao: "You just realized the image of Yuan Shenxin. Can you understand it yourself if I don’t tell you?"
Hua Zhen thought about it seriously before nodding, "Yes, I think it’s natural to practice to this point!"
Ke Mengchao: "This is the natural state of the third level of kung fu for cultivating Yuan. No matter what secret method you practice to cultivate Yuan God, it is similar to the state of body and mind. In ancient times, it was also called three realms, but it was just plastic surgery. If I don’t teach you, can you?"
This problem needs to be pondered over. Now I have learned it in Hua Zhen, but I still need to be skilled to master plastic surgery. It seems to be a simple skill. He needs to know the principle and be familiar with every step. It took Kefu an hour and a half to teach him, but if Kefu doesn’t teach him, can he learn by himself?
By the third floor, the theory of mind image has been mastered, but plastic surgery still needs someone to teach it. It’s a bit like Hua Zhen’s trip just saw that there is no building in the secret realm. If someone had taught the residents there to build buildings, they should have been able to learn it.
And Hua Zhenxing thinks more deeply. If he hasn’t studied plastic surgery, will it be successful to try to fine-tune the surface one day and then act in a different identity? He may need to ponder for a long time and try step by step to find a really effective way, and there are many mistakes in the process that are hard to avoid.
For example, if you crush your face, you don’t know a lot of precautions in advance, and there are differences every time you pinch it out. Even if all the steps are successful, no one tells him that paying attention to the appearance gradually becomes a plastic one … There are too many detours to go and too many experiences to sum up by yourself.
It was a long time before Hua Zhen replied, "I probably never thought I could play like this. Even if I thought about it, I’m afraid I can’t figure it out. Even if I figure it out, it’s hard to be so perfect. There are many stresses that are not clear."
There are many things, no matter how you try and make mistakes, you won’t know the consequences, but the reality won’t give you so many chances to make mistakes. Now we know that the correct result is that some predecessors have paid the price. "
Ke Mengchao "This is what I want to tell you! I don’t object to your dream of bringing nourishing Yuan into righteous education and promoting it to the society. Although the name of the technique is a set of root methods to exercise the physical and mental realm, plastic surgery is the real technique. It can’t be taught like this, and it must be limited. "
Hua Zhenxing nodded, "You always said that I remembered it again. In my dream, the cultivation of yuan is a righteous education, but relying on the realm of cultivation of yuan is to train and learn all kinds of special abilities. Those abilities need to be signed with confidentiality clauses, registered for record and supervised if there are prohibitive regulations."
Ke Mengchao "Well, the deduction is quite detailed! Lao Yang should have told you that the avenue is self-contained and cautious. "He glanced at the direction of the building." I’ll take a photo of you first when lawyer Dong comes. "
It is also simple to take a photo of the ID card with a pure blue sheet hanging on the wall as the background. Yang Laotou took several alternatives with a digital camera, and then Hua Zhen took away his knowledge to control and rub his face. It took him an hour and a half to fix his face for the first time, and it took him at least ten minutes to recover his face, otherwise he would hurt his face.
While he was rubbing his face, Ke Mengchao told him again, "Lawyer Dong doesn’t know that you are the wind from the guest. If you don’t want him to know, you don’t have to let him know that calling him here is to let him go through the formalities of land acquisition, and you need to register a list of companies overseas.
You need to know these things, the program can’t be fooled, but you don’t have to do it yourself. There are all kinds of professionals in this world, but if you have any requirements and ideas, just come out or say them. Professionals are trying to meet these requirements. "