Sima value quickly bowed down and said, "Where is the deviation?"

Mo Shang Tong: "It’s lucky that something went wrong, or that the repairs were not scrapped and the lives were lost!"
I think Sima was worthy of the Ruishou relic, which was left behind when Mo Qilin, a mountain beast in Dingfengtan Town, fell. It contains the complete inheritance of the Sect of Imperial Mind and Dingfengtan.
In addition to Dingfengtan, the Ruishou relic also contains Mo Qilin’s own secret method of cultivation. If he succeeds in cultivation, he can master Mo Qilin’s powerful talent avatar. This Ruishou relic is an auxiliary.
Sima value broke through the five realms and then moved his mind to study the three lakes town of Ruishou relic. This place has no teachers to point out to Xiao Guang and the school people, but also hope that they can’t ponder over it themselves.
He was really clever, and finally he found a way to get some "gains"
Sima value is a studious and studious person. For example, he often uses a long rope as a magic weapon. He also spent a lot of money to invite rope art masters from Sang Island to study various rope binding techniques.
However, he made the Ruishou relic go astray, of course, but he couldn’t tell where the deviation was. Ink Shang Tong seems to know the situation at a glance at the wrong situation can’t be predicted. Who knows what tricks someone will make wrong?
Yang Tehong squinted again and asked, "Unlike the Rui Orcs, even the secret method of Dingfengtan is not suitable before it broke through the territory. In the same way, it is not suitable for people."
Even if you are already a friar of the Five Realms practicing Mo Qilin’s secret method from scratch, you can’t get into the door, and you can’t get through these years. Must be very enjoyable? "
Sima’s head hung lower, and the path "is really uncomfortable!"
Yang Laotou "Don’t be modest, I think you enjoy it … while waiting for the mercy, change to the third!" "
Hua Zhen’s trip is almost over. Mana consumption can’t be recovered in such a short time, but the physical strength has been affected by the shock just now, and there is no problem. At this time, the school people appear on the island and still stand opposite him
The school people looked cold and took something out of their arms and said slowly, "I didn’t bring the wind today. Just now, two senior brothers, Liu Zhi, had this magic weapon. It’s called Spring Rain Sword, which can nourish the spirit of the front and can divide the sword light. Please be careful!"
He took out a small box of rosewood, which was less than an inch long and two inches wide. After hitting it, there was a brilliance that flew like water drops, like a ball of light, like a pill, and it was tangible and varied.
The so-called myriad is also a visual light and shadow residue, which is actually turned into ninety-nine flying lights or like ninety-nine flying swords with a sharp edge.
In the distance, Xiao Guang and Sima Qiqi exclaimed, "Old three don’t!" However, the school people didn’t answer.
After exclaiming for a while, Sima value and God know each other quietly, "Big brother, real third brother should not hurt those three doyen, and Spring Rain Sword is just the way it is."
Today, Yang Lao-tou always gives off-site instructions. At this moment, it is known that the Spring Rain Sword is also a very special magic weapon. Usually, the magic of the instrument is not to run mana when fixing the imperial device, but the Spring Rain Sword usually needs to be collected in the box to exert its power.
When fighting, the light of the sword can be divided into drizzle or torrent, but the spirit of the sword will be consumed continuously. If the opponent can resist the power, it will become smaller and smaller until the end.
Hua Zhen made a lotus leaf with one hand and a concealed gun. The stem was Zhang Xu high and the leaves were five feet round, which blocked the spring rain like a big umbrella.
Supposedly, the sword light can bypass the umbrella surface and attack from the side, but the lotus leaf is made by the hidden gun, forming a defense that covers Hua Zhen’s body five feet.
The school people held the box in their left hand and stretched out two guiding swords in front of their right hand. The clothes fluttered and attracted thousands of flying swords to make the lotus leaves shake and fluctuate like rain.
The sword light flies like rain, and you can feel the sharp edge of the road. However, the lotus leaf shook Hua Zhen and finally fought safely. The scene is the most in line with people’s minds.
Shang Tong, the ink in the pavilion, said with great interest, "This Dingfengtan instrument has its own characteristics. It is a rare category."
Ke Mengchao: "After all, there should be a lot of treasures accumulated in the Millennium. Presumably, they just picked rare things at that time."
Yang Tehong poured a glass of wine. "The famous spring rain sword is actually a box-shaped Dan. When it is offered, there are beans and soldiers, and the rain is wonderful."
Mo Shang Tong: "Shi Jiandan, Jian Dou and Jian Maru say that this kind of artifacts have their magic weapons in their hands. If it is really true, how can it be better than Xiaohua’s concealed gun?"
Yang Tehong gave the other two old men all the wine. "Let’s go! It’ s time for the New Year when things are done here? "
Dry this cup of wine ink Shang Tong nods "yes, it’s New Year’s Eve! Did Fu Chunlian write it? "
Ke Mengchao’s "Xiaohua" has written that the couplet is "the east wind nourishes the purple air before sitting in the classroom" and "pedestrians make the rain contain real China", but it is actually "thinking about the country"! Lao Yang’s New Year’s Eve dinner is awkward? "
Yang Tehong said, "Just eat it. Xiaohua made it anyway."
Mo Shang Tong "This year’s situation is special. Many aid workers should organize condolences when they stay in the port of Somalia for the New Year."
Ke Mengchao said with emotion, "It’s already arranged! Too much has happened this year, and everyone, including the world, has experienced too much. "
In the right way, the lotus leaves stretch in the hands of the Chinese true line, and suddenly the breeze sends poems far away. The winter wind comes and goes with it, such as cold and warm, and the grass always travels to the peach blossom in the spring.
Several people in the bridge pavilion raised their glasses at the same time and said, "I wish the Spring Festival together!"
Chapter 237, the arrangement is understood
It’s really a feeling that there are poems in the wind coming to China. The lotus leaves in their hands have turned the spring rain sword into the center’s spirit, and the school people have urged the sword to be more urgent, but their eyes are no longer so ruthless, and gradually peace has returned.
The spring rain sword is usually placed in the box, and it must be taken with vigour. However, the local people in Sanhu Town usually don’t need any spring rain sword to move this kind of thing. It is better to call Sanhu to help build a machine gun, so it is picked at leisure.
There is a feeling that the people of the school may understand that there is a bias towards others, and that this firm but gentle shock is mixed with violent greed and complacency, but it hurts the true sharpness and determination
Even if the real spirit is turned into a lotus leaf, it can also be used to disperse the complex sword meaning. To this extent, the attack power of the real spring rain sword has been weakened almost.
However, the school people didn’t slow down the offensive, and they kept the sharp and firm but gentle spirit exhausted. This magic weapon can still be used to encourage them to compete for mana.