Lin Ying is full head big sweat.

But at this time, Lin Ying suddenly found that her body seemed to react when she tried to run her vitality in her environment.
Lin Ying’s heart is full of joy, and he immediately runs the home achievement method, absorbing the vitality around him and then forming a cycle in his body.
This try Lin Ying was pleasantly surprised to find that she had vitality in her body.
Seeing this scene, Lin Ying tried to move her hands and feet and suddenly found that she could control her body.
With this discovery, Lin Ying quickly ran his vitality in the dreamland and then controlled his body to act.
"Hey!" As Lin Ying body movement seems to be issued a scream.
Hearing this, Yi Linying felt hitched.
"No, there seems to be other lucky people around here, so everyone is in danger and we must get rid of the dreamland."
Thought of here, Lin Ying came to Qingmuyang.
Lin Ying found that Qing Muyang seemed to meet funny things in the dreamland with a simple smile on his face.
Lin Ying manipulated his body and walked past.
Then Lin Ying slapped Qing Muyang.
Qingmuyang has no reaction.
Must be really addicted to dreamland. Root method feels Lin Ying moving towards him.
Seeing this, Lin Ying felt real danger.
At the same time Lin Ying body cold sweat also emerged.
If it weren’t for Wang Cai and Xiao Bai, they would have been torn to pieces by zombies now.
Not only is the forest shadow torn apart, but others will also be torn apart.
Thought of here, Lin Ying wants to let everyone wake up from the dreamland earlier.
Lin Ying slapped Qing Muyang again and found that Qing Muyang still had no response.
Thinking that he can only control his body after running his vitality, Lin Ying grabbed the hand of Qing Muyang and spent a lot of vitality.
When Lin Ying’s vitality entered the green muyang body, the green muyang body suddenly gave a buzz.
Then he gave a crunchy sound as if a mirror had broken.
"ah!" Green MuYang let out a howl and then exhaled panting looked at everything around.
Metamorphoses, green assessment immediately wake up and shout a "damn, I just was in a dreamland"
Then Qing Muyang looked at Lin Ying only to find that Lin Ying took his hand, but his eyes were closed and his brow wrinkled into a ball.
"Eldest brother, what is your state? Still in the dreamland? " Looking at Lin Ying sample green MuYang some asked uncertainly.
Lin Ying controlled his body and nodded his head.
See Lin Ying nod green MuYang suddenly some surprise way "eldest brother you cowhide dreamland incredibly still can control your body hurry up I’ll help you solve dreamland"
Say that finish green MuYang backhand caught Lin Ying hand delivered a big vitality into the Lin Ying body.
Just now, Lin Ying transported her vitality into the green Muyang body, and the green Muyang broke free from the dreamland.
Qing Muyang also learned that if he wants to solve his personal dreamland, he must transport his strength to solve it.
As the green MuYang vitality input to the forest shadow dreamland, the forest shadow suddenly found himself in the dreamland, and the body suddenly broke into a huge pain.
It’s like your body is really broken.
The pain lasted for a moment and then disappeared.