"Little girl, throw a pistachio."

She lost the desktop pistachio in accordance with the words.
I closed my eyes and slammed my mouth and leaned back in the imperial concubine chair to continue to enjoy his rare quiet moment.
"There should be no Leibang people in this harem, right?"
What a clever girl!
He found the problem so quickly, and he still had to wait for a while before he thought of it.
I nodded admiringly and joked, "You will always be confined to your own bureau. I didn’t expect you to think of the question key so quickly. Yes, there are indeed people from Leibang in this palace. If you guess who that person is, you will win the prize!"
People who can make me so interested are definitely not ordinary roles.
Tang Luoling slightly narrowed his eyes and intoned softly, "You said people should be floating willows!"
"What makes you think it will be her?"
"Leibang people like chords and chords can help them control living things."
Hey, hey, smile. "Yes, you’re right. I can also tell you that there are three purple snakes in her floating willow Curie."
She couldn’t help but take a breath when she heard the smell.
By the way, I once heard my grandfather say that floating willows often don’t stay in Zunyuan country and travel around other countries.
So it’s not surprising that she must have been to Leibang and know the method of poison in Leibang?
Is she going to kill Xu ruoyuan?
This is a mystery to Tang Luoling.
So it was very polite to have a musk quilt sent by a floating willow.
If Piaoliu hates her at first, she sends a purple snake directly to her dormitory, fearing that she doesn’t even know how to die!
She is really not simple!
The willow fluttered in front of the stringed instrument, one finger after another fiddling with the strings.
Ding dong dong-
"Sister is so interested!"
A loud voice came from behind her.
Gone with the wind willow chuckled and turned his head, not surprised and not pleased. "Gone with the wind frost is coming."
"It seems that you are waiting for me."
Zunyuan female emperor slightly narrowed her eyes and couldn’t recognize her mood in her tone.
"You have always been a busy man. Why did you come to me today?"
"Is it your hand that Xu Ruo has been poisoned by purple and green snake venom?"
"You …"
Staring at her statue of Yuan, the female emperor didn’t know what to say to her at the moment, so she just sat down to think about a gentle breath.
Her face hardened with anger.
Piaoliu walked up to her and handed her a cup of tea, which was as tender as water.
Her eyes brimmed with tears, which made your father’s daughter’s chest feel inexplicable disgust and gently pushed away the cup of tea. "You told me you were going to kill her?"
"Xu ruoyuan unmarried pregnant is deserved to die and she is pregnant, and she is not an eagle holding an eagle. She is a fool who has never known how oily Xu ruoyuan is on her head. You really don’t know what I want to kill her? She’s a bitch who doesn’t deserve Yan Junsi’s office. I have to make this plan. "
Gone with the wind willow said and sat on the other side chair statue of yuan female emperor want to should have many questions to chapter 159, 159 Leibang secret method.
When the floating willow picked up the desktop and soaked it for a while, the scented tea smiled and drank it by itself. "Sister, this is my new scented tea. You might as well try it?"
Zunyuan female emperor didn’t drink. She looked at her quietly with dark eyes for a moment before she spoke slowly. "Are you jealous of her?"
Gone with the wind willow nodded "of course"
"Do you want Xu Ruoyuan to die after such a thing happened?"
"Didn’t my sister feel relieved when Xu Ruoyuan died?"
Gone with the wind willow smiled and stared at her face light asks.
Xu ruoyuan’s death made her breathe a sigh of relief.
But that doesn’t mean that she can be killed by someone else, and that she has lost a dark guard leader. She is impulsive but loyal to her. She can’t do nothing!
Zunyuan female emperor face a clot "good! Even if you want Xu Ruoyuan to die, you have to suffer in the year when she is alive? "
Gone with the wind willow eyes flashed a trace of bitterness and quickly recovered. "Xu Ruoyuan is dead, and my sister wants her revenge."
"Gone with the wind willow! Don’t be my sister, I won’t dare to do anything with you! "