Yan lin is very grateful. Every time she comes to Hong Kong, she must go to the Huo family mansion. She is also under great pressure, okay?

"Then I’ll call in sick. Anyway … it seems that there’s nothing to play in Hong Kong recently." She rounded up and made Yuan Chengmin’s teeth itch. "Going back" was originally singling out, but he had no reason.
At least, the chaos of the Seven Kingdoms in the Western Han Dynasty is still justified by "Qing Jun side". What about yourself? There is nothing, and Deng Ceng Tao is playing the bad COP, and there is nothing to say.
"Then I walked first Yuan to guide you to feel relieved …" yan lin also wanted to say more, but he was quickly left by Yuan Chengmin.
Deng Zengtao sat down and poured him a glass of water. "You don’t know what her mind is. In fact, there is no way to make others hate themselves. Thanks to her cruelty."
Will a girl like this do the same to her husband because she is a champion after marrying into the house?
Take ten thousand steps back and say that yan lin’s marriage to Huo’s family is not the so-called highs. Even Huo’s family and the most beautiful ones are good, but Lin Yan’s body is an honor, which can bring great difference to Huo’s family.
What the Huo family needs is a daughter-in-law, such as Zhulin. Although it is related to the entertainment circle, it is not deeply involved, but it is also deeply loved, and Hong Kong sister is not the kind of trouble.
But yan lin’s performance today is a bit arrogant, which will probably make Master Huo feel balanced, especially Fannie and Freddie.
If Deng Zengtao is allowed to speak, yan lin’s performance today is really unexpectedly poor, but the effect is probably excellent
Especially in the second game, the killing ball probably made Huo Wenbin suppress his anger.
"You just praise her" Yuan Chengmin disgruntled replied.
Deng Zengtao shook his head with a wry smile. "Are you different?" Otherwise, why would you say that yan lin is much younger?
They all have the same idea, and now they won’t worry about delaying yan lin’s future because of yan lin’s actions today.
"Don’t talk about it. What are your plans for going back the day after tomorrow?" Deng Zengtao took the initiative to talk about yan lin. What the Huo family thinks is actually not that important. What is important is that yan lin is now consistent with the two of them-playing more for a few years.
This is enough, and after this worry is gone, Deng Ceng Tao can’t help worrying about other things.
"Let’s hone it again. It’s really not good. Then you really have to give up." So is Yuan Chengmin. In fact, people are all fleshy. These rookies have also worked hard, but compared with their retired senior sisters, they are just a little worse.
The national team is not a place for providing for the elderly, but also full of competition. He has made many changes, such as keeping 12 people on the team on weekdays to maintain a team, but this seems to encourage their bad habits
Can’t we do it without them? Many provinces and cities in China can play volleyball well.
Deng Zengtao is also a little headache when he hears this. It is also painful to guide him for so long.
"Let’s not talk about this. Look at their review." He collected this in the morning and put it in the drawer of this conference room. The first one he saw was Shen Baozhu.
"Look at yourself," Deng Zengtao Nai. "What do you think?"
In the review, Shen Baozhu described in detail a certain ball in a certain game. She should not have missed the ball, but she made a mistake. She analyzed the reasons, the influence of that ball on that game, and the differences and differences between her on-the-spot performance and the training of the Japanese team. Finally, she made a promise to what to do when she encountered such a ball again in the future.
Yuan Chengmin looked at it and was happy. "Can she come up with this idea herself?" There’s an expert behind you. If this expert can come up with this idea, you’ll know who it is.
From a pile of reviews, I dug out yan lin Yuan Chengmin and looked at it. In the end, the more I looked, the heavier my face became.
Deng Zengtao is watching Shen Baozhu’s review again, and he is happy. Seeing the old man’s look, he can’t help but be nervous. "What’s the matter?"
"Look for yourself" If you have this copy, you won’t look at the other roots.
Deng Zengtao’s relaxed look slowly became dignified. In fact, this part of yan lin’s review is no different from others. One of their teams pays more attention to the team, even if the teammates really have problems, they still take responsibility for themselves.
This is a good thing and a bad thing.
And there is always something behind it, not three points.
First, the American women’s volleyball team as a whole has slipped. Hailmann and Carol are no longer in their heyday, so it is inevitable for new players to join. Old players can’t relax their vigilance and pay more attention to the possible emergence of new people in the American women’s volleyball team.
On the second day, the women’s volleyball team always felt that there was something hidden. Yamada Nakata was more calculating than Kojima Xiaozhi, and the new players, Otani and Xiaogao, performed very well. Second, Xia Mei Nakata also made great progress than before, and needed to focus on prevention, especially this year’s Asian Championships.
In the third team, Yang Xiaolan’s psychological construction needs to be strengthened, and several other newcomers need to be further honed. Both mentality and technology need more efforts, but the Asian Championship was not well-off when it was left to the China women’s volleyball team in the former Olympic Games.
Compared with the first two articles in detail, yan lin’s third point is not so detailed, but it is in the eyes of Yuan Chengmin and Deng Zengtao, who are very clear that there is not much time left for the China team.
"This is my last chance to give them before the Games." He is soft-hearted, so who will be soft-hearted to them in the next Asian Championships?
That’s the truth.
"Don’t you think that’s the age?" When he first built the national team, he was bold and fearless, but now he is afraid of wolves and tigers.
"Which is the case? Isn’t it because of the heavier responsibility?" Missing the Olympic Games is the best chance for China women’s volleyball team to win the championship at the Los Angeles Olympic Games. That’s the real face of China.
Yuan Chengmin sighed for the same reason. Having won two world champions, they were too eager for the Olympic Games and three consecutive championships, but they were out of control.
Yan lin didn’t know that his review could cause the two instructors to feel so much. After she came back, she just went to take a shower and felt comfortable all over. This just hugged and sat on the bed to watch.
When Feng Lang came over, he was relieved to see yan lin refreshed.
She didn’t ask yan lin yan lin what she wanted to say, but she talked about the things in the team. "Yesterday, Xiaoju Yang asked me if I could stay and asked you, didn’t she?"
They are all on the same team, that’s for sure. "Why can’t this kid have a little confidence in himself?"
Lin Yanxiao smiled. "Confidence is played out and won. She still lacks a little bit." She just said that someone knocked on the door and Cheng Yaqiong came to visit them.
"How come it’s just you two or I’ll treat you to coffee and a movie?"
"Even if the coffee is late, I have to sleep." Lin Yanxian promised to come. "Let’s put their pigeons." Shen Baozhu, they haven’t come back yet, but it is estimated that it will be soon. After all, it’s this point.
Cheng Yaqiong stopped training after retiring, and she was plump and didn’t go for coffee, but she still took yan lin and Feng Lang to eat steak in a famous western restaurant here.
"Just now, I went to Yuan to guide him, which meant that I should make good plans to return to the team."
Feng Lang’s knife made a crisp sound when it touched the plate. "What do you mean, Sister Yaqiong?"
Yan lin and Cheng Yaqiong blocked in front of the net, which can be described as the two sharp weapons of the China team. Compared with Xiaoju Yang, there is really a big gap now.
"I didn’t promise," Cheng Yaqiong answered casually, as if to answer what the person had eaten today.
In fact, yan lin and Feng Lang know very well that Cheng Yaqiong is not young and his old wounds are not light. It is impossible to reunite with his family and live a stable and leisure life, so it is impossible to give up again.
"I’m not as good as a newcomer in this state. Besides, everyone starts with a newcomer and gives them more opportunities to experience in the invitational tournament. It’s not easy for you to pay more attention to Yuan’s guidance and Deng’s guidance. When you can help, you can help set an example for the team and help train newcomers after work."
Feng Lang is very agree with nod while Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at?" Sister Arjun, isn’t this quite reasonable?
Chapter 8 8 Double Insurance
"I’m laughing at Sister Yaqiong, and I’m not the kui. I’ve entered the newspaper and talked to reporters in an orderly way." yan lin joked, especially "Do you want to start with new people and give them more opportunities?" It sounds like a reporter’s rhetoric.
Cheng Yaqiong heard a smile. "Is there?"
There must be
Before this, the elder sister Cao Hui would say that Sun Jie would say it, but Cheng Yaqiong would not say it.
However, it is true that yan lin and Feng Lang were surprised to hear this from her mouth, but they promised to "definitely" retire. The big sisters are so worried that the team doesn’t make sense. They don’t care if they are in the team.
It is to let these big sisters live in peace after retirement, and they will do their best.
Three people talked in a western restaurant and didn’t go to the cinema at the end.
Cheng Yaqiong had planned to ask for leave the next day to accompany her teammates to have a good time in Hong Kong, but suddenly there was an emergency and she couldn’t go to work, but Shen Baozhu boasted, "Don’t worry, Cheng Jie, we played here very well yesterday and won’t get lost."
I really won’t get lost. After all, why don’t you just ask for directions?
After leaving Hong Kong, the team turned around and returned to Beijing again. It was the 26th.
Chinese newspapers also reported on the women’s volleyball matches in this period, but this time it was a small game. The China women’s volleyball team was quite low-key, and not many fans came to pick it up. Instead, many students from the capital came to China to volleyball, which had a great impact on their lives, and these may not even be clear to these national players.