Since there are no fingerprints on the dining table, Conan thought about the things in the room and sighed. So what if he found out now? Tell Lan that she was defiled by a fake new person? If so, what would Mao Lilan think? You might think no

Conan was finally able to give up the room that depressed him. He didn’t want to go there again.
"Ding Dong" Conan’s mobile phone rang.
Conan took out his mobile phone and almost bit his teeth.
"Conan Jun, please wake Lan up and remember to take that medicine, or what to do if you have a baby … it’s best to show her the text message to Kudou Shinichi" 1
Chapter 214 General Wu Gaoxin
Chiba city total Wu Gao Yunxuan put away the phone and looked at Conan Jun’s reply and almost laughed.
"A new brother haven’t seen you for a long time? Where are you? Conan "
Typical broken teeth and swallowing back make Yunxuan feel very interesting.
Changed clothes and costumes. Yunxuan came to the school gate in a general martial arts college to go back? Yunxuan is not going to go back for the time being.
Today is Monday, and the passing students around look at Yunxuan and talk about it.
Probably because the science of uniting Yunxuan looks elegant, it has greatly increased the lethality for ordinary girls.
YunXuan looking at mobile phone Melissa Zhou is also almost coming soon? When I put my mobile phone on, Yunxuan saw at a glance that pushing a bicycle not far away seemed to see through the world and the energetic high school students around me.
"The hero?" Yunxuan’s heart says that the timeline of spring things has just entered the service department after investigation in Imai Nobume.
"Before" a car stopped at the school gate and Melissa Zhou came to see Yunxuan’s eyebrows a wrinkly.
"Yo light snow is don’t be so cold, somehow I’m here for you." Yunxuan came to Melissa Zhou’s side and naturally took her hand
"Let me go" Melissa Zhou is a low road.
"I’m sorry I can’t do this, my fiancee. I’m holding your hand fair, and you don’t care about other people’s eyes." Yunxuan Melissa Zhou said in her ear, pulling Melissa Zhou forward.
Melissa Zhou is a face of indifference by YunXuan pulled her into the total Wu Gao.
"Xue classmates will actually hold hands with boys!"
"Who the hell is that boy?"
"That Gaolinghua also has a boyfriend?" Biqi Gufan is very admire for Yunxuan, who can stand such a cold woman.
Class F for 2 years.
"Hello, everyone, I’m from Huaxia Yunxuan. I’m very happy to be here. Can you introduce me like this?" Yunxuan smiled at the students in Class F for 2 years and turned his head and asked
"Well, you’re sitting in that position in front of your classmates." Hiratsuka Shizuka ordered a depressed head. This new general martial arts student is really bad. He just heard the principal call him Yunshao in the principal’s office.
Yunxuan went to the seat and sat down. She was not concerned about the course. She wore headphones and drew cartoons as soon as she sat down.
The daily manuscript of Beifang sauce was handed over to Changyue for a year, and the "Magic Girl Little Circle" was under the supervision of the theater system. It was Lin Ximeng’s "body double" that had been made into an animation system, and the Nangong Group acquired the animation company system.
It’s time for the new one to come out. Yunxuan also decided to disappear from the second network. People have forgotten that the second network has animation characters, and the disappearance of animation characters represents the disappearance of animation. The animation department can make it again before the second network.
Yun Xuan decided to paint a silver soul. Why choose a silver soul? Instead of naruto? This is very simple, because the silver soul is rated more than Huo Ying in his heart.
This is a tucao animation, but every character has brought laughter, sadness and shock to the audience for hundreds of miles, which is Yunxuan’s favorite place.
The daily life in the silver soul makes people laugh. The daily history is the least like the hero. The hero likes sweets. The samurai history is the least gentle. The heroine comes from the Yato girl. She loves to spit her eyes. Oh, it should not be the new king.
I spoofed several anime and silver souls, and several people expected that the silver soul would never end, and the everything room would never end.
Compared with Huo Ying, Death and One Piece, it is one point less, but it is definitely the strongest when it comes to comedy.
The animation of Silver Soul has been announced again and again, and it continues to be updated. The audience has the illusion that the big silver soul will never end.
At the end of each time, the audience is looking forward to the return of the three people. Even though this time will be very long, Yun Xuan believes that when it returns again, all the audience who like the silver soul will say from the heart: Welcome back.
Yunxuan gave a wry smile, thinking and thinking too much, or finish the characters first.
Yunxuan has been painting the characters in the Silver Soul and took out various color brushes from his backpack.
The students around me are very impressed with Yun Xuan. How dare Mr. Hiratsuka Shizuka listen to songs with headphones in class and also draw pictures with Mr. Hiratsuka Shizuka … Ah! Teacher Hiratsuka Shizuka ignored him!
A class passed quickly, and Yunxuan’s characters completed four Sakata Gintoki, Takagi Jinsuke, Katsura Kotarou and Shenle.
Yunxuan didn’t change these names, and there is no harmony in this world. Yunxuan doesn’t care whether the names are Chinese culture or not. There is nothing wrong with learning from each other.
Lesson 1 Yunxuan put away the painted characters and calmly took out his notes from his backpack. The students around him looked amazed. Are you here to study or to travel?
Even the back row was frightened by Yunxuan, and looked at the brain screen, and everyone was cute.
The brain screen is Class J for 2 years, and Melissa Zhou is the classroom!
This guy can see the school camera? Wait, this isn’t a hacker, is it?
"Ding Rinrin" Yunxuan mobile phone rang.
Yunxuan, have a look. It’s actually the fairy in the cloud. You’re connected and wearing headphones.
"Hidden family teamed up to put pressure on me." Yunxian directly said.
"They are really impatient, and I’m going to relax here for a few days." Yunxuan was not surprised that this was planned.
"What should I do?" Cloud fairy asked.
"The first step of Lian Zi’s execution plan is to control them and then play a big game of chess." Yun Xuan smiled.
"chess?" Some fairy in the cloud can’t listen to white.
"They are chess players. They attack other chess players and then break through the chessboard one by one to win." Yunxuan smiled at the note screen.
"I see" the fairy in the cloud was silent for a moment.
Yunxuan hung up, closed his notes and put his brain in his backpack. Teacher Hiratsuka Shizuka came into the classroom.
Behind YunXuan than QiGu complications thinking YunXuan just words although don’t understand but YunXuan tone let him have a very uncomfortable feeling.
No one is close to Yun Xuan in painting class, and he feels that Yun Xuan is not at the same level as the students.
Yunxuan got up during lunch break and went straight to the front of Yuigahama Yui.
"Yuigahama, if you don’t mind, can you show me around the campus of General Wugao?" Yunxuankou way
"Egypt? Yun Xuan knows me? " Yuigahama Yui pointed to himself but had never seen Yunxuan 1.
Chapter 215 Melissa Zhou is and Yuigahama Yui
"Of course, I know Yuigahama’s classmates. I have read all the information of Class F for 2 years, but the most impressive thing for me is that you are among the two." Yunxuan Yuigahama Yui’s desk.
"ah? Impressed? " Yuigahama Yui blushed.
"So can you show me around the campus?" Looked at Yuigahama Yui YunXuan smile.
"Well," Yuigahama Yui ordered a lunch box and Yunxuan out of the classroom and said hello to San Pu Gracefully.
San Pu smiled gracefully at the two men, perhaps because Hayama Hayato woke up her Yunxuan identity.
Out of the classroom, Yuigahama Yui took Yunxuan to Yunxuan Road on the roof to buy bread and drinks.
"Our school may be different from Huaxia, and many places are very relaxed. I heard that many Chinese schools are very nervous when they are in the third year of high school." Yuigahama Yui asked over lunch.
"Not all schools are like this. My former Huaxia Shengyuliu High School was very relaxed. Most of them were students." Yunxuan shook his head.
"Yunxuan of Shengyuliu High School … Ah, are you the winner of the Xingyue Cup!" Yuigahama Yui surprised way
"Well, do you like painting?" Yunxuan nodded his head.
"I think seeing Yun Xuanjun is really amazing. Can you sign it for me?" Yuigahama Yui blushed and took out a small note and handed it to Yunxuan.
Yunxuan took the little note and a pen appeared in his hand, and his signature was completed with a stroke.
"Yun Xuanjun, did you just paint in class?" Yuigahama Yui remembered the classroom performance.