Hua Zhen trip happened to be the winter vacation. As an intern, of course, he was not qualified to go to Ruishi country to attend such a conference, but Lord Feng Zibin was sure to get the venue. Luo Chaide Lofogen also went to the first Huanxiang Habitat Award. The chairman of the jury was Princess Cotia Hall.

I haven’t seen you for a long time. Hua Zhen and Rothschild finally had another chance to have a dinner together. After the dinner was paid by the World Habitat Foundation and hosted by Katia, they found a private place to have a drink alone.
They sat side by side in the cup, which is the most expensive wine in the world. In front of them was a plate of peanut edamame wine, which was specially brought by Luo Chad and brought out by Hua Zhen.
Luo Chad laughed. "Xiaohua, I miss drinking with you so much. You always like to cook a few dishes when drinking."
Hua Zhen also smiled. "When I was a child, I passed by those bars in Porto, and I saw those people drinking so much that I wondered how many dishes were drunk like that? Then I found that I didn’t have a dish and I drank it!
I also know that your drinking habits have just prepared a plate of flowers and hairs to give yourself wine, and there is no meat and vegetable collocation, and the cold dishes are stir-fried … "
Luo Chad was very excited to clap Hua Zhen’s shoulder. "I admire you more and more. You are a genius! Who would have thought that it would be worthwhile to spend such a small amount of money to accomplish such a big thing! "
Chapter 51, kill two birds with one stone
Rothschild is sincere in praising Hua Zhen’s trip.
Rothschild is not that kind of publicity, perhaps because he is quite humble and low-key even after he has made a fortune.
Is Luo Chad’s eyes a billion dollars a penny? Of course not, but compared with what Hua Zhen can achieve, this expenditure can be said to be quite economical!
Create a world prestige award in the field of planning and design? So far, it has been successful, but in the eyes of Rothschild, this award is really an excellent opportunity to publicize Chundan’s efficacy.
After the 225-year conference and the 226-year award ceremony, the award will be selected every two years, and the award ceremony will be held at the same time. It is a continuous platform witnessed by the world.
Luo Chad, Luo Fugen and Hua Zhen each selected ten people several years ago. The plan is to let them have three boxes of Chundan every year for three consecutive years. This is the largest amount of Chundan theory and then keep the exposure.
In terms of exposure, Rothschild has done a better job here. He registered and established a star brokerage company, selected a group of people with good image and moderate age to sign exclusive contracts, and conducted targeted training for them according to the idol-building model.
Rothschild first selected ten people to sign long-term contracts, and then arranged for them to appear in film and television programs, participate in variety shows, take advertisements, run various announcements and create various topics to attract traffic, which always created continuous popularity and popularity.
They also participated in Rothschild’s investment in some large-scale systems, and through various publicity and packaging, they set foot in social activities such as charity, which has shown their potential as international red stars and joined the vitality club as such.
They have been familiar with each other in public, and most people are impressed by adding a few introductions to the subtitles.
It’s interesting that the owner, Luo Chad, has invested a lot in packaging, but so far he has not lost money in the general ledger! The more money you have, the more money you can earn, because you control more resources.
Among these ten people, two of them were placed on the list of the first judges, and the other one became a staff member of the organizing Committee. He attended the conference and did all kinds of publicity work such as etiquette, reception and explanation.
Yu Luofugen and Hua Zhen arranged for 20 people to also appear at the press conference and various news scenes, inadvertently ensuring the eye-catching degree of exposure, such as Luo Feiyu’s success.
It should be noted that the World Habitat Award is a long-term and permanent award. Every two years, there will be a grand ceremony that attracts attention, with celebrities from all walks of life attending and leaving a lot of records.
The organizing Committee of the grand prize should set up a special network to publish and retain the information of previous awards, including all kinds of influence materials on the spot, and other major media are publicized and recorded by government departments, which can become a "history of trust"
On the other hand, every grand prize will issue all kinds of commemorative gifts, including hand-shaking gifts for guests, various crafts and commemorative brochures, which are all online information.
Imagine that the World Habitat Award is selected once every two years. These 30 people will eventually attend the award ceremony, which is very responsible for being a symbol of the ceremony.
It was inadvertently discovered by the media as an anecdote and broadcast until the UN Habitat Award was held for more than ten sessions and lasted for decades … What was the effect?
With this in mind, Rothschild is ready to train the ten special security teams for him.
In addition to these 30 people, there is also an ambassador for publicity, Princess Claudia, the chairman of the first grand prize jury. She will also continue to focus on the natural effects of Chundan in the future.
The total budget of the first grand prize is one billion Luo Yuan, which is held every two years after the founding period under special circumstances. The budget of each session is only four Luo Yuan, and the annual average does not exceed 200 million Luo Yuan.
Compared with the huge market prospect of Chundanlian industry, this marketing is really worth it, not to mention it has become an international prestige award, which has the highest influence in a certain professional field
I really want to set up such a grand prize, and more importantly, I want to regard it as a by-product of Xuanchundan platform, which I haven’t seen as clearly as you.
Rothschild: "I wanted to invite you to get together privately last night, but you had an appointment with Claudia, so I could make an appointment alone. Locke didn’t have the nerve to bother you … What did you talk about with the Princess Palace?"
The trip to Hua Zhen "didn’t talk about what she invited me last year when I was in Pingjing. This time I treated her as a courtesy and thanked her for her contribution to the establishment of the grand prize."
Rothschild: "Does she have plans with your life club?"
Hua Zhen trip "didn’t talk about it specifically, but said that if you have new ideas about the vitality club, you might talk to me. I was just about to ask you."
Luo Chad "no, the princess hall should have talked to you, right? Her opinion is consistent with mine, and some plans are supplemented and improved after I have made them. "
Hua Zhen smiled. "We talked mainly about philosophy yesterday. She may be going to leave specific matters to you to talk about. She understands us and thinks we should communicate better."
Luo Chad smiled meaningfully. "Isn’t it easier to communicate with handsome men and beautiful women?"
Hua Zhen gave him a punch. "Don’t talk about it. Just say if there’s anything."
Let’s get down to business. Although the efficacy of Chundan has not been achieved by the outside world, the vitality club department has long been recognized.
In addition, there is vitality magic, which is a translation problem. I have always insisted that if it is called East Mandarin, it is called Yangyuan magic, and the promotion effect of vitality club is very good. This is the personal experience of a group of people
Some people have high achievements, others have low achievements, so they don’t need outsiders to prove anything to them when they enter the door, but there are still many people who haven’t started. Some people insist on practicing and feel, while others don’t feel it.
Sometimes the evaluation of a thing can’t be based on emotional description, but it still needs specific standards, and there are already standards in your place. I heard that the Yangyuan Art Center has been established and there are assessment bodies.
Then, can we establish an assessment system for the vitality club so that the club members can also get the certificates of teachers at all levels?
So I want to talk to you about three things, all of which need to be entrusted, and also respect and protect your interests
First of all, can Gambisting communicate with St. John Biotechnology Company to confirm that a special distribution agency of Vitality Club will stabilize the supply of Chundan or Vitality Medicine every year?
We don’t make money in this channel to ensure that members with special contributions can buy it if they have demand.
Princess Cordia can communicate with you in Gambistine, but if you want to make it, you need a guarantee from your side, that is, it is necessary to increase the scale and increase the production of Chundan.
It may not be necessary to really increase production. If St. John’s Science and Technology Company thinks that the existing output is insufficient to meet the needs of the vitality club alone, you can give them such a guarantee. "
Hua Zhen line "can!"
Luo Chad has long known that Hua Zhen’s style of work can be done and he is willing to do things. If he doesn’t like to play any tricks, he will give an answer directly. He laughed. "I knew you were frank! And the second thing, the first thing is
Since the vitality club can provide its members with a stable channel to buy spring pills, it can also be used to add value. The name of Oheim Medical Group can also be used. The vitality club can also be a foundation.
We can set up some institutions, such as health care beauty, vitality medicine guidance, cultivation of yuan and other aspects. These markets are all available, and the key point is that we already have guest resources. "
Hua Zhenxing nodded. "Claudia didn’t say anything about it yesterday, but last year Dong Guo told me that the principle is that it depends on how you plan to ship it."
Luo Chad: "The general mode of transportation has just been said that you don’t need to spend a penny, but you need to be awarded technology, and we will also give you a grant so as to ensure the interests of both parties."
Hua Zhen line "I can’t do this business alone. I need to share my interests and I don’t object to your proposal."
However, the term "technical award" is not accurate. It should be qualification certification. This can be awarded by Chundan Center. Now the person in charge is Ms. Lian Na. I can inform her to draw up a process there tomorrow.
I can also tell you that Bihu Lake in my agricultural reclamation area has specially designated an island and built a tourist resort, and there are also health care institutions to give health care guidance to Chundan buyers on the spot.
St John’s Biotechnology Island has a sales office.
You can also introduce eligible club members there to enjoy the most professional guidance and spend the most comfortable convalescent holiday.
It’s your business to ask them to buy on-site and spring pills on my side because of what qualifications you need and what you charge. "
Luo Chad "no problem, just do it! All my extra thoughts are because your leisure island has limited reception capacity in the future, and not everyone sometimes goes there specially, even if they go there, they may not be able to stay for a long time. "
Hua Zhen trip "you are right, you need institutions like vitality clubs all over the world."
But I’ll give you a suggestion. I can say that St. John’s technology will supply you with goods, but the address of the customer will still go to Bihu. "
Luo Chad: "It’s no problem. It’s more convenient to spend such a sum of money to buy Chundan and send someone to several countries to pick up the goods." Life club can supply goods without their own special personnel.