Sometimes they really can’t stand it, and they will come to persuade them to stop wasting time. This disease can’t be cured.

At one time, Huang Xiaoyi might have made this remark, but now he is as quiet as Xia.
Xia can feel the change of Huang Xiaoyi. Sometimes when she turns around, she will find that Huang Xiaoyi seems a little strange. Although he is one year older than her, he looks like a young man because of work.
Huang Xiaoyi’s eyebrows are still dark and sculptural, and his youthful figure seems to be taller than before. Looking at his busy figure in summer, he feels that he seems to be a little far away from himself.
When Xia just met Wu Gou Frost and Snow, she felt that he was familiar to her, just like her little B brother. Now that her little B brother has grown up, Wu Gou Frost and Snow seems to have become strange as if they had discussed it.
In the summer vacation, Ili defect officially left the field of Thunder, and the drawings were drawn together as soon as possible to become a member of the "Thorn" family, like those boss players who once robbed them, and they completed one after another with their superb strength.
There are games left in the summer when I want to see Li Xiao from school, but the two people are not in the same family now, and they can rely on private chat or friends channel to keep a weak connection. It is said that this situation will make the two people farther and farther apart, but Xia finds himself missing Li Xiao more and more, and his guilt about Tao Yaoyao is deepening day by day.
Emotional things can’t be controlled without thinking.
Only when summer is busy and life is filled with everything can we protect Tao Yaoyao from mining and not be too embarrassed, although Tao Yaoyao knows nothing.
Now Xia is also a member of the management of Thunder, trying to improve her level, and at the same time shouldering the responsibility of maintaining and developing the whole family. She believes that Thunder will come back one day.
Qian Yu and Ji Shenshan’s first snow were also invited to join the Thunder field in the summer, and they got along well with the family, but they rarely saw angelo again in the summer.
"Have you seen angelo recently?" Xia Wen Qian Yu and Ji Shenshan’s first snow are helping Xia cut down trees in the Babel Woods where they first met.
Thousands of feathers stopped cutting down trees and said, "It’s a little strange to say. Angelo seems to be hiding from someone recently."
"Uh-huh!" Ji Shenshan’s first snow nods, "I have seen his direct line not plug-in several times."
"Plug-in?" Xia leng leng "will there be plug-ins in the interest game?"
The first snow of Ji Shenshan covered her mouth and Thousand Feathers looked at each other. Naidi let go and said, "Don’t tell anyone about the rose sauce. This is actually the secret of Angelo …"
Xia realized that the "phantom" and "air wall" made by angelo were not professional skills, but he wrote plug-ins himself.
"Phantom" is equivalent to an assassin in two places, which can not only deceive the player’s eyes, but also confuse the monster and let him escape from danger several times; The "air wall" is similar to the skills of "enemy" and "as steady as Mount Tai", so that all players or monsters close to him are not allowed to rebound at close range.
"angelo is so powerful?" Xia is a little excited. "Is he a hacker?"
Qian Yu said thoughtfully, "I don’t know. We asked him, but he didn’t admit it or deny it."
"I don’t know if I can ask him for help to check the Thunder account problem …" Xia said slowly, and she remembered that angelo had taken a piece of debris and spliced it with another incomplete map that day when he chased the ghost of Babel.
What does this say?
This means that angelo can write promising games. He may have a talent in computers or games, but this talent is not enough to support him to see through the whole game.
He can change his own game data through tools, but he can unveil the mystery of "eternal paradise" through "invaders" and other means, so that he can piece together the map himself.
"Don’t worry about the rose sauce," said Ji Shenshan’s first snow holding Xia’s hand. "I heard that the’ Thorn’ family has the most pieces of drawings, and the deputy head of the clan has already set foot on the Thorn Road. We will soon be able to enter the eternal heaven and find those disappeared gods."
"Is there anyone missing from your original device?" Xia Wen
Ji Shenshan’s first snow and Qianyu nodded at each other without looking at Xia’s eyes. "I heard that one of them disappeared in the game and reality."
"nw company didn’t explain it either?" Summer asked her again that she always felt something was wrong.
Qian Yu recalled a reply, "At that time, it seemed that someone in the forum said that the device had been harassed by hackers."
"Hacker …" Summer bowed their heads and thought out of the corner of his eye and suddenly saw a touch of white behind Qian Yu and the first snow of Ji Shenshan, or the monster almost called out and looked away only to find that it was angelo, the dragon with a head missing.
Qianyu was very surprised by angelo’s appearance. He immediately threw an axe and saw angelo take a step back involuntarily the summer before, but he didn’t attack Qianyu or make the phantom disappear.
Thousands of feathers hold the golden rose pocket watch in their hands. angelo looks at it. After two seconds, he raises his hand and presses the pocket watch. A burst of spiritual music comes out of the pocket watch. In the summer, he discovers that thousands of feathers pocket watch turned out to be a music box.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Weibo saw
Golden notes materialized from the golden rose pocket watch, like a golden bird jumping and spinning, rising higher and higher, flying over the treetops and flying to the clouds …
The summer eyes followed the notes, and before they could recover a burst of more moving music, they sounded around like a clear autumn wind blowing away the summer heat.
This is an original neon song, the afterlife online comes with its own translator, which translates the lyrics into ordinary barrage, praising the passage of cherry blossom love in the summer vision.
I have heard this song more than once in summer.
I heard it most often at the entrance of the afterlife city, where the tall billboard was called "Angel of Neon Island". The young singer Ji Ying Chuling closed her eyes in the cherry blossoms all over the sky, and the spiritual songs seemed to float from the purest corner of the sky and fall like snow, covering the listener’s ears.
Later, Xia also heard it in Imai Fei’s mouth. At that time, Yunqing was angry because Imai Fei sang this song, which happened to avoid the attack of the afterlife lake monster
Now this familiar and beautiful exotic melody is ringing again, but it is sung from the mouth of the younger sister of Neon Island who has known each other for a long time.
"Thousand Feathers and Thousand Cherry Blossoms" … Are these all coincidences?
When I first saw Qianyu, I blurted out "Sakura Chu Ling" because Qianyu dressed up as Sakura Chu Ling mv. However, not only in Neon Island, but also in Huaxia, many Sakura Chu Ling fans bought this set of expensive costumes dressed as their idols in the afterlife mall. Qianyu and Ji Shenshan Chuxue said that they were also Sakura Chu Ling fans. Xia did not doubt it.
But now thousands of feather song so really ringing in the ear let summer can’t help but stare big eyes.
Maybe Qianyu has adjusted the sound of the whole card, but the voice can be adjusted, but it is not possible to practice this song overnight. If it is said that it is a cherry blossom in the early summer, it will definitely believe it!
Seeing Xia surprised, Ji Shenshan’s first snow winked at her and pulled her aside with a proud smile and said, "Is the rose sauce shocked by the thousand feather sauce song?" Hee hee sounds good, doesn’t it? Na Qianyu sauce song is the closest I have ever heard! "
"Do you … know each other in reality?" Summer hesitate to say
"Yes, and I’ve been staying at the home of Qianyu Sauce recently." The first snow of Ji Shenshan simply made Xia dispel the idea that "Qianyu may be the cherry blossom ling"
"Rose sauce, why don’t you wonder why Qianyu sauce wants to sing to Angelo Jun?" After the neon language of the first snow in Jishen Mountain was translated by a real-time translator, it became such a difficult question.
Xia hurriedly said, "I was just about to ask."
Ji Shenshan’s first snow sighed and said, "Angelo seems to be very upset recently. When he is upset, there is a ling sauce song that can make him calm down. As soon as Qianyu sauce sees him, he will take the initiative to sing the ling sauce song."
Xia suddenly realized, "So that’s it. No wonder he added thousands of friends. Why doesn’t he care?"
"We know he seems to be hiding from someone, but he won’t tell us what he means …"
"Say what?"
"He said," Ji Shenshan’s first snow face is a puzzled expression, "’Don’t go to eternal heaven’"
"What?" Look at angelo in the summer. He just sat on the stump of Qianyu, and now the stump is sprouting again. He and Qianyu are slowly pushed to the half by the growing giant wood.
The silver-haired boy leaned quietly against the branches of Babel with his eyes closed, with one hand on his curled knees and the other hand hanging casually. There was no breeze blowing in the game, and his silver-haired white shirt and white skin seemed to be looming at any time.
At the beginning of Ji Shenshan, Yukine sounded behind him in a low voice. "I and Qian Yu also asked him this question, but he didn’t answer him. There are always few words."
After a few seconds of silence, Ji Shenshan first asked curiously, "Speaking of which, are the Angelo gentleman you are looking for the same person as this Angelo gentleman?"
Xia shook his head. "I don’t know if he didn’t answer me."
Angelo didn’t answer her, and neil didn’t contact her again after the summer decision line.
In fact, Xia doesn’t need to report the news to neil so soon. Her part-time job at neil’s is to "find angelo" and she will pay her a day’s salary if she doesn’t find neil one day.
However, Xia informed neil at the first time when she found angelo. It’s not that she didn’t want money, but there are many ways for her to earn money for nothing. She kept the news to herself, but she didn’t want to do such a thing as finding relatives and earning money for neil. Xia couldn’t do it, and she didn’t even bother to do it.
Whether this angelo is neil’s brother Xia or not, she must find a part-time job. She doesn’t have enough money.
The afterlife online has been available for nearly a year, and the situation that there was no substitute training and no workshop has been slowly changing.
When Tao Yaoyao entered the game and became a life player, it was the most popular time for life players. Now the market equipment has become saturated, and the power of the workshop has already penetrated into the veins of various continents.
Tao Yaoyao has the lucky spirit of "sticking film" and a utopian warehouse behind the buff. Her materials have not been affected by Bo for the time being, but she and Xia both know that her road is coming to an end.
Utopians are mostly local tyrants who are worried about food and clothing, not working hard for money. They enter the game to play, not to be played by the game. They can never rob those hard-working workshops.