Hua Zhen trip "You are not a local person, but more like a tourist. You want to see that the port of Sofia has changed. We can go to Banda city tomorrow. You want to see the port of Sofia where I lived since I was a child. We can also go to Wago city, which has not been liberated."

Mann Mann "that must be before the end of the month or the city of Wago will be liberated." Here, she suddenly realized that she had leaked military secrets and quickly added, "This is still a top secret plan. Don’t leak it to us."
If I can’t say it, I won’t be Shi Shuangcheng anymore, and I seem to say to myself, "Let me meet people’s sufferings. I am also very hard-working and not spoiled. Not long ago, I stayed alone in the mountains for five days and five nights …"
Guang wry smile way: "If ordinary people, it’s naturally a hard experience, but the little martial uncle’s method of mending the edge is the interest of practice."
Shi Shuangcheng asked, "Is there anything wrong?"
Guang "There’s nothing wrong with this practice. What you want is to be free and happy and to be free from worldly sufferings. It’s because my uncle has a monastery now that it’s even harder to see people’s sufferings, because many things are nothing to you."
Many things are no longer a matter for Shi Shuangcheng, for example, wilderness adventure is also the same for the residents of non-Somali port, for example, obscenity is a different extreme.
The next day, Locke and Lianna stayed in Feisuogangguang, Shi Shuangcheng, Manman and Hua Zhen, and these four people went to Banda City again. Today, Banda City is like when all changes were taking place in Kelin District, as if precipitation was washing away pollution in the rainy season.
Chapter 294, shoes
Scouring filth is not only a metaphor, but also a scene in reality
When the new alliance liberated Banda city, it was nearly half a year from the beginning of this year to now. I think it was almost half a year when the new alliance built Kelin District.
Kelin District is a district of non-Somali port, with a population of hundreds of thousands, while Banda City is much larger, with a total population of 1.2 million, but the speed of transforming Banda City is not slower than that of building Kelin District.
Because building Kelin District is a new experience, everyone has little experience, but now more than a thousand trained cadres have been transferred from the port of Somalia. Everyone has personally experienced and participated in the whole process of transforming the port of Somalia, and all the workers have become much more skilled.
Rebuilding the order includes economy, administration and military affairs. Needless to say, there are also several key projects in people’s livelihood, such as farmland water conservancy construction, spring ploughing production and urban environmental transformation.
People’s lifestyle and living environment can directly affect their mental outlook, which is very intuitive and anyone can see the change. At the beginning, building Klin District meant clean, and everyone can understand it. In recent months, Banda City has also held a "Love Home Sanitation Campaign".
Re-planning and rebuilding urban roads, building water and sewage systems, hardening the existing conditions as much as possible, demolishing some buildings in messy low-lying areas, and resettling residents so that sewage will not cross when the rainy season comes …
After suppressing the gang forces that occupied various blocks and forbidding gangs such as pornography, gambling, drugs and guns to control illegal business, it also broke the state of separation of various blocks, and many measures can be implemented.
Another project is to build public toilets and garbage, which is not a trivial matter, but a key project of the new alliance. Great efforts have been made and the measures are quite strict. It is forbidden to urinate and dump all kinds of garbage and dirt anywhere. The sanitation department and the city patrol team have been set up to train and absorb a lot of employed people by the way.
All these require huge investment, which is unprecedented for Banda City.
If the funds can be said to come from Gambyshire, from China’s real line, and from the new alliance through a series of transactions, if carefully "textual research", it seems that they all come from Yang Laotou, because now Chundan is personally refined by Yang Laotou, and Yang Laotou seems to be meddling in refining a batch of Chundan in a large array of Zijin furnaces.
The investment of the new alliance is not only money, but also money, which mobilizes huge manpower and material resources and production capacity.
Spending money on things is really a representation, which represents the result of labor preparation and production. If the production capacity can’t keep up, where can I buy things?
Qian Hua can import all kinds of materials in his hand, and invite the Dongguo team to build all kinds of projects. However, if all the living materials of Banda residents need to be imported, the cost will not be too high, which is equivalent to input but not output. The local government needs to establish an economic cycle first.
In the new alliance area, it is no longer possible to use several Li coins as either Dong Guo coins or sales agencies to issue shopping vouchers, which can buy all kinds of daily necessities and tools. Most of them are locally produced, mainly from various economic units of Huanxiang Industry.
If it weren’t for the certain production capacity of the port of Somalia, the new alliance would not have been able to make such a big move to transform Banda, which has transformed almost half of the city’s adult population into labor force, paid them and allocated a lot of materials so that they can buy what they need with their labor remuneration.
For various reasons, the quality of the population is quite low, so the labor efficiency is also very low. There is no way to do this for the time being, even if it is to change, it will take a long time.
Nevertheless, according to the calculation of Mo Shang Tong, after the simple and large-scale construction of farmland water conservancy at the beginning of this year, the new agricultural reclamation plan will last until the end of the rainy season this year, and only the output of agricultural and non-staple food in Banda City can feed a population of less than 5 million.
The so-called feeding means that the existing standard of living guarantees that 5 million people can live, but people can’t eat cassava every day in rags. The new alliance to transform Guinea is to let people live a better life
However, at present, the achievements have been quite remarkable. The new alliance has laid a solid foundation for liberating Wago City in one step and then liberating the border of Guinea, which can hardly guarantee that there will be no famine during the rectification period after the liberation of Guinea.
Banda city is the former guard front camp in the northern important town of Guinea, and its basic conditions are much better than that of AMISOM. If the GDP is calculated according to the level of previous years, it will be about five times that of AMISOM.
The pillar industries are agriculture and animal husbandry, handicrafts, tourism, a small amount of light industry and heavy industry, and some, such as minerals, are controlled by foreign mining groups, which is quite modern. The communication industry is very weak and was originally controlled by the guard front.
There are three rivers and many tributaries. Although the climate is divided into heavy rainy season and light rainy season, the conditions of agriculture and animal husbandry are much better than those of non-Somali port.
Hua Zhen Bank has made great efforts to build a Beiluo River basin in Suo Suo Port, and through relatively simple construction and transformation, it can build a modern agricultural production base equivalent to ten non Suo Port agricultural reclamation areas.
A large part of the new agricultural reclamation plan was originally located in the national park, which was the camping area of the unified tourism group. The new alliance made a new plan and transformed it into the current Dai farming and animal husbandry reclamation area, which also caused protests from several international environmental protection organizations.
Originally, Banda City kept the most suitable place for agriculture, animal husbandry and animal husbandry, because it was profitable to set aside a huge national park, which could be donated by overseas charities, and asked the local government to send people to maintain and protect the national park, so it was happy to have the money to guard the front line every year.
The new alliance has issued a special report, saying that the new agricultural reclamation plan will not affect the ecological environment and wildlife habitat, and only with the output of agriculture and animal husbandry can the local people have a living guarantee and the hunting can be eliminated from the root.
The local government has also redrawn a larger and more reasonable area and incorporated it into the national park. This new place used to be a hunting area next to the national park. Overseas tourists can go hunting with local armed bodyguards after purchasing a hunting license, and now it is also included in the national park protection scope.
This report did not help the environmental protection of overseas institutions, but it still stopped. Banda City lost millions of dollars every year in foreign exchange income, and the loss of tourism industry may be more. The new alliance also did not change its original intention, but implemented the new agricultural reclamation plan as usual.
Shi Shuangcheng came to a Banda city, which was a little messy but not chaotic, some busy but full of vitality.
In the rainy season every year, many people can work without working. At the beginning of the rainy season, local people can sow seeds and wild species in the fields, and they can harvest things almost after the rainy season. They can also come again in the rainy season and harvest again in winter. The output is lower, and the main products can be harvested in two seasons a year.
During the rainy season, most people just drink and engage in singing and dancing. A few people may work in factories or workshops, go to rivers and shoals to find gold for some money and come back to continue drinking, gambling and smoking leaves. Thanks to the local climate, the rain is not cold. If you have a roof at home, you can sleep, but you can’t freeze. If you can find food, you can live.
However, this year’s situation is different. During the rainy season, many artificial residents still go out to participate in various organized activities. They can also participate in community training cram schools organized by the new alliance. If they want to be reserve cadres, they must pass the examination, get the diploma of cram schools and then enter the internship.
After the transformation, the city was washed clean by rain, and the streets were kept clean. Patrol teams walked by from time to time, wearing orange or blue armbands, and they all wore shoes.
It’s not that straw sandals are not suitable for wearing in rainy season, but that waste tires are transformed into sandals. The outer tires are used as soles and the tires are used as shoes, which can not only protect the soles from being pricked, but also prevent various parasitic infections.
All cadres in the new alliance have to wear shoes, which is a disciplinary requirement, and soon a new trend has formed. The new alliance wants to hire local people’s shoes as part of the remuneration.
In this way, the sandal sales club also sells sandals at a low price. Of course, there are better shoes in the club. At this time, there have been many incidents of robbing shoes in Banda City. It is hard for outsiders to imagine that sandals made of waste tires will be robbed.
However, this is the original temper of many local people. When they see someone wearing new shoes, they directly force the other person to take them off for themselves without relying on a large number of people or a weapon.
Although the new alliance suppressed the gangs in various blocks, many people still kept their original habits. The municipal department also organized special rectification activities, which surprised the local indigenous people that law enforcement agencies should take care of such things. Some community street workers went door-to-door to investigate and visit …
Charles originally had ten speeches, and recently he specially added one. The eleventh speech was entitled "Protect Everyone’s Shoes". This speech was not written by Shen Si, but was developed by Charles himself specifically for the situation encountered in reality.
According to Charles, if the new alliance can’t even protect the people’s shoes, what can we talk about protecting people’s lives and property and ensuring people’s livelihood and development benefits?
When Shi Shuangcheng visited Banda City, he saw many people set up a simple platform and awning to perform dramas and broadcast Shire speeches. Many times, people criticized the conference, but the locals actually liked to watch it in the rain.