Vivian’s slender right arm stretched out slightly, and the bodyguard next to her looked like a slave and handed the cigarette that had just been lit to Vivian.

Spitting out a circle at Mark, Vivian smiled coldly. "I heard that you found another social security account. What is it?"
Mark shook his head. "I can’t give you her social security account."
If there’s anything I’ve learned from Vivian
That would be a wake-up call for Mark.
That is, sometimes choosing a girlfriend must not be ignored because of appearance.
But at the moment when the lady pistol was pulled out of the sink, Jiumei knew Mark’s mood!
"You scared the urine!" Nine sisters suddenly appeared at this time, and it sounded like a bell!
Mark turned black and corrected, "It was almost!"
Nine sisters left a word "Hehe" and got into the spirit bead to find a beast that was released from a planet to swallow the sky …
At that time, the atmosphere of the whole bar was instantly quiet, and the eyes were directed at Mark and Adam.
Several people put their arms around their waists.
Those fierce little eyes seem to be waiting for any instructions. Once they hear the instructions, they can eat Mark and Adam alive for one second.
You look like you’re ready to go!
Adam frowned slightly after looking around for a circle, and his right hand was inadvertently placed at the lower back.
One second!
"Cut the brush-"
"Cut the brush-"
Adam’s right hand just moved. At that moment, the whole bar got up instantly.
Holding all kinds of long guns and short guns, the gun was aimed at Mark and Adam.
"Mark …" Vivian glanced behind her and looked at Mark with a chuckle. "How is their gun compared to yours?"
Mark is three black lines along the forehead vertically.
Who knows what a Yale iceberg high flyers will be the daughter of that old woman with a wrinkled face like a pumpkin
We agreed to get rid of the mud and not get stained. What about turning against your family after learning justice?
Mark didn’t see it at all here.
Mark smiled and stared at the big night and wore a pair of sunglasses to be cool, Vivian.
One second, a gorgeous flying knife is hovering slowly clockwise in Mark’s palm.
From time to time, it sounds like dragons.
Mark glanced at the bar where people are bandits and everyone said in a magnetic voice, "Sit down in ten seconds or go to jail."
"With your toy?"
"You can try Vivian!"
Five seconds later, Vivian’s right hand moved slightly for a moment, and all the people in the bar took their weapons back and sat back in the position.
But still maintain that body language that is eager to try!
"Vivian, you know what I am today. Come and give me an answer!"
"What if I don’t give it?" Vivian is holding a cigarette in one hand and dragging her dark blue eyes with her hidden sunglasses in the other, staring at Mark … Ba!