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Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Ling Yuan Bing Yun
"Da Zhen is very busy with the sword, Yao Yuexian really respects me, and at first it is strength."
Seven handle xianjian suspended beside him, Chen Shaobai play to cut the demon sword, some ponder.
The best of the triple quenching gas is to deal with a novice quenching gas, but also to display his magic power. It is indeed a bit overqualified. From the point of view of people, I am afraid that Guan Yue is killing the chicken with an ox knife.
"Just setting out the mana, I can escape the life of Xing in my hand, attack and kill the traitor Gao Feng, seize the blue sky and the yellow sky, return to the Zongmen to achieve the first place in the Dragon and Phoenix List, cut the truth, fight against the elders, and break through the battlefield of the Milky Way at a high speed. I naturally have to pay more attention to dealing with such young Toshihiko with a number of magic weapons, such as shark flag sword, printed fairy clothes and a thousand swords."
The tinkling bell like a clear spring slowly flowed over, and nine identical officials circled into a circle and surrounded Chen Shaobai. Everyone smelled of blood, and their eyes were bright and bright, and they were not false.
She was deeply concerned about this incident, and she made a thorough investigation of Chen Shaobai’s history, showing that she would not give up until she reached her goal.
"I don’t want to talk about it personally. You are worried. If you worship here, you will go to the’ Yazi Temple’ for thousands of miles and fail. Do you think I will let you go this time?"
There are ten immortal ways and five magical ways. From the point of view of quantity, they are not equal, but they are always equal and have not completely overwhelmed the other side.
Because the gods and demons are here.
There are five temples for the Sect of Ghosts and Demons, and each temple has the strength and background comparable to that of a Sendo Sect. If it were not for the heads of the dragons, the senior figures of the Sect of Demons would be at odds with each other, and their strength and profound background would have attracted the encirclement and suppression of Sendo.
The yazi temple, which is in charge of revenge, assassination and beheading activities, is the most notorious among the gods and demons. Even so, the staff of the temple are all excellent in strength, and they are always in fear of iron and blood figures, whether they are immortal, demon saint or demon Sect, and the younger brother of the outside door, quenching gas is complete, and people are not afraid here.
Being so evaluated by Guan Yue, Chen Shaobai really doesn’t know whether to be modest or shake his head with a wry smile.
Feel each other’s body that unless the seas run dry and the rocks crumble and the world collapses, Chen Shaobai has filial piety in his heart, but his eyes are shining with J and jīng light, with a narrow smile in his eyes: "Yao Yuexian doesn’t know that I have a magic weapon named silver moon Sword? I’ve been very comfortable … Hey, wait till I finish. "
Life flying sword was forcibly plundered, erasing the brand of God J and NG, which has always been the biggest shame in the life of Guan Yue. See Chen Shaobai taking this as a reference, the original gentle smiling face was immediately cold, and J and NG made a beautiful face, and nine "Guan Yue" broke out with supernatural powers at the same time.
Every beautiful hands, came with an ice flower, ice blue to the bone, delicate and charming, they gently jilt, these ice flowers will slowly but surely fall towards Chen Shaobai, and when the gale blows, they will be delicately broken, and nine petals of borneol will be melted into the wind.
A round of obsidian Ri shines on the earth, and the semi-transparent borneol breaks her into miniature, dreamlike and dazzling.
At the same time, Guan Yue locked Chen Shaobai’s whole body qi machine in turn, so that he could display his roots and escape, and he could choose positive hard resistance.
Quenching gas is triple-to-triple, which makes Yaoyuexian’s rank gap strong and oppressive. Just spreading such a record, Chen Shaobai’s brand can make its mark in the meta-world …,
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four The demon emperor?
The slender and weak beauty has a strong bow, and the sharp visual contrast has formed a kind of strange and wonderful scroll. Even Teng Qiuyan and Qu Ruoshui in the fierce battle aside, they couldn’t help looking at each other slightly, and some of them were absent.
The elegant demeanor of Guan Yue is so dazzling that it really deserves the title of "Yaoyuexian". For all female monks, it is a great misfortune for her to live in an era.
The bowstring trembled, and the gold-plated split fairy arrow turned into a brilliant brilliance, dragging out a series of breathable wave marks. In an instant, the horse’s extraordinary force completely penetrated the virtual shadow of the real cow, leaving a purple and scattered China.
Officer month holding a black giant bow, although the appearance is beautiful and weak, but with a heroic spirit, arch eyebrows provoked, the line of sight to Chen Shaobai her intention is very obvious …
You try to break my secret method, and I will do the same thing.
As soon as it comes out, the virtual shadow of the real cow will disperse
"Stubborn woman, however, like her tough bullying, can mix like a duck to water in the devil clan?"
Chen Shaobai heart suddenly, although the trick was broken, but still some joy.
The thunderbolt’s wishful power is all manifested in its name. be perfectly satisfied, once successfully sacrificed, can give full play to the imagination of the messenger in the rules. This level of magic weapon is comparable to that of the treasure, and even better than the official month Prajna Ryukyu and Fang.
"But in this way, it can be said that Wang Ruoyu’s identity and confidence in Xuanyutang, and I have robbed him of his magic weapon, so I must have the strength to resist retaliation."
"Situ Yutang went to the underground world to find the incomplete Taoist device, and launched the vast majority of Xuanyutang’s strength. Even Wang Ruoyu was included in the historical view. It took two or three years at least to last for more than ten or twenty years. During this period, I must increase my strength as quickly as possible. Otherwise, when they return, they will be suppressed to death and completely marginalized."
After figuring out these sections, Chen Shaobai’s figure flashed, and three times the speed of sound broke out in the celestial body blessing. The majestic posture escaped the official month’s freezing, and once again, he imagined a powerful beast with a thunderbolt.
White tiger, Xuanwu, Suzaku, Qinglong, Gouchen, Tengshe … The beasts and animals in Chinese mythology are presented one by one.
Although the official month is better, she wants to take Chen Shaobai alive to vent her resentment, while Chen Shaobai has a high half-grade treasure, and the two are also locked in a fight.
She wore a dragon with wings on her back, and looked at Chen Shaobai with strange eyes.
"So many powerful beasts, does he really have the outside world? But it shouldn’t be. Every world is hundreds of millions of miles apart. Except for those who have the great magical power to shuttle through the fairyland, it is impossible for ordinary people to get out of the meta-world. Chen Shaobai was left behind. Now, it seems that he must be hiding other secrets. "