Said and quite some sour depressed way "good niang you so a word? You shouldn’t add another sentence,’ Give him a good lesson, and it’s better to beat him up so much that his parents don’t recognize him!’ Good teach me longer spirit! "

Even Fang Zhou told him to giggle and laughed at him. "Do you still have to add another sentence to this kind of words?" You and I are husband and wife, and your enemy is my enemy. It’s worse for you than for me. It’s just that you have to keep your spirits up. I mean, what’s the harm? Don’t you think so if you don’t say it in your mouth? "
Then he tore him up and said, "Don’t talk to me. Let’s go back to our room and change. I’ll see if you’re hurt!" "
High-handed dragged him away.
Liang Jin, the man doesn’t say that he is vicious, and Li Fu is not worried if he doesn’t check with his own eyes.
Li Fu’s arm is really scratched. A shallow road has been handled and bandaged. I don’t want her, but I have to follow her back to my room.
Even fangzhou saw it, and she felt distressed and complained.
Although Li Fu didn’t care about her little injury, she was so warm and pitied that she had to be comforted.
Besides, when Mrs. Deng came home, she immediately sent someone to Dengjiabao, Luozhou, the Deng family base, to call her husband Deng Xiaoya.
Today, Mrs. Buzhi refused to speak plainly, but she was more determined than Mrs. Deng to take her daughter away. She felt that things could be changed organically, but the Deng family must pay a certain price
Only a husband can make decisions on such an important matter, but not a son here.
My family can get to Dengjiabao, Luozhou before dawn, and my husband should be able to get to Nanhai County.
Yes, if the daughter has to spend the night in that government office! Although Li Furen promised to let the Deng family be accompanied by a woman and a servant girl, but-
Mrs. Deng’s heart ached at the thought of pampering her daughter and suffering in that place, and she was doomed to sleep this night when she thought of all the things she did and said and gnashed her teeth.
Even Fang Zhou didn’t want to be contaminated with Deng Menghan’s trouble. Without letting her go into the backyard, she ordered someone to clean up the wing of the lateral court in the front yamen, and let Bi Tao take the daughter-in-law who participated in politics and Senate with several servant girls, so that there would never be any accident.
Deng Menghan entered this room and began to find fault with everything.
What is the sex of peach? Why ignore her?
But she didn’t know what to say to let the servant girl go back to Deng Fu to marry her bedding, pillow account, wash and dress.
Peach glanced at her impatiently, scolded a few words, and then gave her a long-winded speech, so she went to prison to sleep or not! Choke Deng Menghan half to death, which didn’t dare to cheep.
Listening to Peach and the two ladies who participated in politics and Senate chatting and laughing, I knew that Li Fu had come back. Deng Menghan was overjoyed and eagerly looked forward to Li Fu! I hope Li Fu will come to "save her!"
Fortunately, she didn’t shout it out, but she was disappointed.
If rang out peach don’t punish her just 131 Chapter 131 The Deng couple.
Deng smiles send us light faster than Mrs. Deng expected. The sunset has not dispersed yet. Deng smiles send us light and has hurried into the house with two attendants.
"What’s going on? How do you teach your daughter? How a big girl’s house was caught by someone and got it in the yamen! How to be a man after a girl? Do we still want Deng’s face? "
As soon as we met, Mrs. Deng was haggard and worried, but she didn’t complain to her husband. She had been swept over by her husband for a long time.
Dazed to swallow full belly injustice sighed, "Sir, you sit down and have a drink of tea to calm down. What has happened is that you scold me to death again?" I’d rather replace Han Er if I could! Partial and can’t! I am such a failure as a mother! "
I couldn’t help sobbing.
Deng smiles send us light a sigh face expression also slow a few minutes gave a sit sighed, "female big not niang that wench big have their own mind this matter also can’t blame you! What’s going on? You told me exactly what happened! Don’t be biased to say what your daughter says! "
Mrs. Deng’s heart was fixed, and she nodded "Yes" and told Deng Xiaoya what had happened.
She knows that her husband can only try to save his daughter if he knows the truth of the matter. The more objective it is, the less it will affect his judgment and try to put aside selfishness.
Although some words are a little difficult for her to repeat.
She said so. Deng Xiaoya was so surprised that her eyes almost fell off.
Endure the impulse to patiently listen to her finish with a slap on the coffee table and hate to scold a way "this rebellious woman!" How on earth did you discipline her? I asked you to take her to live in Nanhai city, didn’t I, with Liang Jia? You told me back that you had revealed this meaning to Mrs. Liang, but now this thing has come out. How can we meet Liang’s family in the future? How can this girl know Lord Buzheng? "
Deng Xiao-ya’s heart moved back channels. Is this a deliberate attempt by an adult to make a handsome man? Intended to destroy Liang Jia and Deng Jia’s relatives? It’s impossible. Lord Buzhen is new here. Deng’s family and Liang’s family didn’t make it clear. He can’t know! That means it’s this girl-
Deng smiles send us light anger is a clap "inverse female! Damn it! This is outrageous! Is she an idiot? Why did the envoy come to Nanhai County? Will she not know? Look what she did! It’ s just a moth! "
"Master, what’s the point of talking about this now!" Mrs. Deng sighed and added, "Girls’ homes are different from men after all! Alas, I said this, sir, don’t be angry with the minister Li, who is young and handsome, and what Han Er, a real stalwart husband, will think is understandable-it’s all because my mother neglected to look after her! But that day in the wing of Qiuxing Temple, if it weren’t for every word of Li Furen’s intention to provoke excitement, Han Er wouldn’t have said those words! Then Li Furen is in Lihan! Even if there is no such thing, there will be a different reason! Poor Han Er got involved in it for no reason and got a bad name! "
Deng smiles send us light sneer at a way "that Li Furen two came to the south China sea county is not kind, she will calculate culvert is strange? It’s strange not to calculate! Kuang Haner also provoked her head! "
When Mrs. Deng heard this, she was so angry that she didn’t want to be a mother. How could she not be towards her daughter? She meant to hook up with her husband to help her daughter make decisions, but she was criticized again.
"Sir, how can you scold me! When Han Er comes back, I won’t stop you if you want to teach her a lesson, but Han Er is still in the government office! Master, we have to get her out quickly! Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in that place for a few days-the Deng family will lose all their faces! "
"You return not bashful to say" Deng smiles send us light long spit out a sigh "you don’t bother me first, I’ll think about a countermeasure …"
The daughter is obviously not the minister’s eyes, but herself! Is to get benefits from the Deng family!
Understand this Deng smiles send us light don’t try so hard.
Because of this, my daughter will never be bullied in the government, but her name is a little bad!
Hum, yesterday at Qiuxing Temple, all the ladies and gentlemen listened to her words, and this name was not much better!
And what does this virtual thing care about?
Deng’s family started out as a businessman, owning chariots and horses all over Nanhai County, raising thousands of excellent horses to form ten caravan teams, and also owning three fleet families sailing in rivers, which control more than a dozen trade routes. Besides helping the family to control the sea trade, Deng’s family got their hands on anything from Nanhai County in Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangnan, Anhui and other places, Deng’s family accounted for about 70%.
Little Deng had three older brothers, but they all died before they became adults. The second brother was thirteen years old when he left!
He is an old man Deng. When he was young, he asked someone to tell his fortune and said that he would have to marry a good name to support himself. Otherwise, I am afraid it will be difficult to grow up.
At that time, his grandmother gave him a name "Xiao Ya", and he grew up healthily and healthily.
Later, when her grandmother died, Deng Xiaoya remembered her grandmother’s kindness and never changed her name. She just became famous and called it until now.
Deng Xiao-ya thought for more than an hour, and when it was dark and she didn’t eat, Mrs. Deng and her two took a carriage to the back house of the government office.
It’s not strange for Deng Xiaoya and his wife to visit Lian Fangzhou and Li Fu at this time. They ordered people to come in and receive them in the front yard.
Deng Xiaoya walked into this house and saw that the servants and maids were disrespectful and conscientious, and dared not be half tired and frivolous. The atmosphere was awesome.
Deng Xiao-ya’s eyes are poisonous, so when you think about it, you can conclude that this minister and his wife are a good housekeeper!
The house can be renovated so solemnly that it is not bad to deal with the big things outside! This time, I’m afraid the imperial court really sent a tartar. I’m afraid I won’t be so carefree in the future …
Small money housekeeper personally led them into the drawing room and ordered them to sit down. The waiter lowered his hand and smiled and said, "Please wait for Master Deng and Lady Deng, and our adults and wives will come at once!"
Deng Xiaoya, Mrs. Deng smiled and made a few polite remarks.
The penny butler greeted Deng Xiaoya and conveniently handed the red envelope into the penny butler’s sleeve. The penny butler didn’t refuse to smile and reckon.
Deng smiles send us light a sigh of relief, willing to accept things, 13 chapter 13, let her go.
He is a very clever man who knows that everything should be done step by step. He was not in a hurry to find out what it was. After a few words of gossip, he sat down with peace of mind and smiled and talked about the tea ceremony with the small housekeeper.
Mrs. Deng is a little uneasy. She wants to ask a little money several times. If her daughter does, she will never get a chance.
In a short time, even Fang Zhou and Li Fu came together. Deng Xiaoya was busy with Mrs. Deng getting up and acting quickly.
"Master Deng is a well-known squire, and the Deng family is a century-old family in Nanhai County. Don’t bother to sit down!" Li Fuchong he lifted my hand smiles to say