In her eyes, Xiaohua, a great wizard, has recovered her knowledge at the moment, but she can still see the beach. Most of the time, Manman’s senses are better than mysterious knowledge. For example, people can see the stars hundreds of millions of light-years away, but the knowledge can’t extend that far.

Hua Zhen looked at Mann Mann’s departure and suddenly waved it. He felt dizzy and had a slight tinnitus. Then he reached out and touched his lips and had a nosebleed.
Is it that the anger is too strong recently? This should be excessive consumption, so we can’t continue to use the magical power, otherwise the consumption will become loss. Fortunately, the right nostril is bleeding, and the left nostril is fine, but he is in this state, and the glass will definitely not be repaired tonight.
The next morning, when I went to Hua Zhen, I wanted to go to see Yang Tehong. I planned to talk about last night’s events. There were still many questions to be consulted. As a result, Yang Laotou called first and asked him to have breakfast. All three old men did not go to the dining hall on the third floor, but had breakfast alone in the small restaurant on the third floor, where President Chen was hosted yesterday.
Although the epidemic atmosphere is hardly felt in the port of Sofia, Huanxiang Industrial Headquarters still has epidemic prevention regulations, such as requiring employees to avoid eating as much as possible, wearing masks and washing their hands frequently.
Dong Guo Bank also has similar regulations, which require the unit department not to take compulsory measures by the local government. Yesterday, the table of wine was somewhat in violation of the regulations, but there was a reason why President Chen did not come and he could not feel at ease.
Yesterday, everyone at the banquet also talked about epidemic prevention. President Chen has channels to apply for epidemic prevention materials from the head office of Dongguo, and Ke Mengchao asked President Chen to help him order a batch of Huanxiang Industry, which can pay a high price here.
If it is a small batch of materials, Yang Laotou can do it, but Huanxiang Industry needs a large scale of materials now, so it is not suitable for private procurement, and his channel efficiency is too slow.
It is said that President Chen can still get the latest testing reagents, but the branch does not have the testing ability, and the institute does not require that only reagents are available in Dongguo, and professionals and equipment are needed to meet the requirements.
Van Duck immediately said that Huanxiang Industrial could be tested here, so Ke Mengchao also asked President Chen to help buy a batch of reagents. Van Duck was recommended by Ke Mengchao to take office in the East Bank to replace Jason. He is a brother of Mo Shang and also the head of Huanxiang Industrial R&D department.
The key point of thinking about industrial work is not to engage in research and development, but to send Vandak to the past for emergency. After all, it meets the requirements and can be plugged and plugged. There are not many talents. When Vandak takes over the department smoothly and cultivates a team familiar with the industry, he will be transferred back to the industrial side.
Speaking of talents, I found an supernumerary "master" yesterday, that is, Poseidon helped Manman to wake up in Hua Zhen, but their attitude has always been to let Hua Zhen do it at his own discretion.
What Xiaohua did last night was clear to the three old men, but he didn’t interfere in the end. Occasionally, he was exhausted, dizzy, tinnitus and nosebleeds, which was nothing for a strong guy with a good bottom. Even if he accumulated some experience, he would know a lot about himself in this way.
Moreover, Xiaohua’s energy is always too vigorous and consumes too much recently. Dong Zegang’s opinion that Xiaohua is too capable of causing trouble was refuted by Kefu, but the three old men felt the same way.
They don’t think that Hua Zhenxing is doing something wrong, but the rhythm can be grasped more from something that doesn’t need to be so impulsive or so … Look at yesterday’s help! But then again, isn’t it the characteristic of young people to be aggressive and have an idea to do it?
Ignore these three old men who were satisfied with Hua Zhen’s contact with Manman last night. They were talking about it before Xiaohua entered the room. Hua Zhenxing couldn’t hear him. Although he mastered the technique of divine knowledge, he hasn’t learned the technique of divine knowledge.
Yang Lao head mouth sigh face but with a smile "alas! Xiaohua, a child who has little contact with girls since childhood, always plays silly like Shire. "
Chapter 73, find some difficulties to grams
Ke Mengchao looked up at somewhere and said with a wry smile, "When we were young, we were not the same boys playing with boys and girls playing with girls."
Mo Shang Tong "When was that? Now the world is different and the times are different!"
Ke Mengchao: "There are girls around Xiaohua, and Shire has several sisters. But Xiaohua doesn’t feel it. She never likes to play with them. It’s not that she is prejudiced or discriminated against. It’s not that she simply can’t see him. I think it’s nothing. After all, she is still young …"
Ink Shang Tong interrupted him, "said small also not small like his age locals have even children! I am not encouraging him to learn from Lao Yang when he was young, but I am afraid that he may suffer in the future because he has no experience since childhood. "
Ke Mengchao: "What can you lose? Are you worried that he will be cheated, a silly girl like Maman?"
Yang Tehong: "I just said that he had little contact with girls since he was a child. It’s not accurate. He hasn’t had much contact with girls since he was a child. Now he is so careless that he is afraid of misunderstanding girls. If he really has the heart to deal with him in the future, he will be in trouble."
Ink Shang Tong retorted, "You are sexist. He has been in contact with many men and women since he was a child. There is no shortage of people who have a heart. Don’t you, Lao Yang, have a heart? When it comes to men and women who are cheated, they are all the same. "
Yang Tehong bowed his head and waved his hand. "Forget it, don’t look at such a big age or don’t understand!"
Hua Zhen opened the door and came in. "Yang Zong, you said I don’t know what Uncle Mo is?" The so-called god-knowledge sound gathering technique is to keep the sound gathering within a certain range. Since Hua Zhen walked into this room, he could hear it, but he heard the last sentence.
Yang Tehong: "He doesn’t know life … Hey, what happened to you? What did you do last night? Did you go to the international dock to sell coolies?"
Hua Zhenxing sighed, "It’s more tiring than carrying a big bag at the dock! I accidentally made a mistake yesterday, so please don’t criticize me and I will be responsible. "
The three old men all showed their eyes of great interest and some doubts. They all knew the situation last night. Is there anything else to hide? The light in Mo Shang Tong’s eyes was sharp. "What did you do?"
Hua Zhen trip "I cracked the floor-to-ceiling window of the suite as big as the bowl, but I will be responsible for repairing it to ensure that it is invisible and stronger than before."
Yang Tehong laughed, "A piece of glass!" Speaking of this, it seems that the tone has changed. "You must fix it yourself when you go back, and you will deduct money from your director’s allowance again."
On the contrary, Hua Zhen Bank was pleasantly surprised, "Do I also have a director’s allowance? A thousand meters of gold a month like Charles? "
Yang Lao head accidentally spilled the beans and nodded, "Yes, you did, but it was sent to the international rich, so you don’t have to care about this little money, do you?" And huan want to industrial founded less than a month allowance … "
Ke Mengchao stopped and said, "The allowance was paid yesterday, and Lao Yang received it."
Hua Zhen trip "Oh, if Yang Zong is short of money, take it. I’ll ask you when I need money."
Yang Tehong didn’t good the spirit way "I don’t lack money! I’ll save the money for you first. If you want to take something away from the grocery store, you can charge it from here. "
Ink Shang Tong took out a thick envelope and put it on the table. "This is ten thousand meters of gold. Yesterday, Minister Tuotang helped you sell two gold bars and I brought them back."
Hua Zhen line laughed "ink big ye you lack of money recently? You have a lot of old things, so you might as well take them. You always helped me dig up the gold just now, and I’m embarrassed to ask for it. "
Mo Shang Tong: "You’d better take this money. You used to work as a waiter in the grocery store. Everything is ready-made. There’s nothing to spend money on, but it’s different now. You have to have a sum of money in your hand to make things easy at any time. It’s also earned by yourself."