However, Wei Ji-xiu, though low, is not the kind of ordinary people. Speaking of it, Wei Ji-xiu’s "Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Land" also has almost the same effect as Asura’s immortality, and it is clear enough about its shortcomings that he is almost immortal if he wants to be fascinated, but once he is scattered, he will be in good condition and powerful, and his body will fall into the fate of being refined by others.

Who avoid although don’t know what kind of Asura is the strong man monk practice immortality, but such a good opportunity, he is naturally willing to give it a try. As a result, the strong man monk was fascinated by his mind, which naturally delighted him. He was about to show Bai Hong sword light again and slay the strong man again.
At this moment, suddenly, a cold wind roared from its side, and the powerful roar made it have to temporarily slow down the sword light, manipulate the maze of Liujia and move its body to let it pass the attack.
He looked intently and found that it was another man who launched this attack. The man was equally young and very handsome, but at this time, there was a high virtual image floating outside his handsome and straight body.
This virtual image is weird, but it is more ferocious than having two heads, four hands and two heads, a man and a woman, a green face and fangs, and a unique horn with long blue hair. The female leader is very beautiful, but her hair and beauty are all pale. The four arms are slightly slender and hold a virtual pocket. Two thick raw hairs are holding a blurred banner high.
At this time, the virtual pocket has been tightened by hand manipulation, but the outside world’s aura of heaven and earth has infiltrated from all sides, and the mouth of the bag is still finely black and the wind blade has escaped, which is very obvious. Just now, the attack on Weiji was born.
"Heaven’s magic body, Yin and Yang, Fengshen and Heaven are in harmony!" Who avoid in another place after the body mouth can’t help but shout out.
However, the six magic brothers who manifest strange methods outside the body are obviously much more refined than the strong man. He is also worried that Wei Ji will suddenly launch that strange double-circle multiplier while he is in his mouth, so he has no mouth meaning. His hands are printed and stared at Wei Ji coldly, ready to make moves.
Just as Wei Ji was distracted and moved his body, the two female brothers of Six Demons also made their own moves.
Dressed in a black veil robe, the figure is exquisite and graceful, and the temptation is extremely great. The four-foot guqin is held in one hand, white and tender, and the jade finger is slender. One of the strings is clicked, and a clear sound rings. Friar Strong Man, puzzled by the crisp limbs, regained some clarity at that time.
Jade refers to the string "Ding Ding" sound, and the sound rings in a chain. At the moment, Brother Strong Man recovered from the confusion of limb crisp. What happened at this moment? Brother Strong Man was scared and hot, and he never dared to look at the limb crisp again.
And the other female brother of Six Demons is a white Luo skirt with a bone in her hand to make a flute. Her target is impressively that the practicing humanitarian demon body is dead. Lu sees that she is mumbling and suddenly puts the bone flute in her hand towards Lu’s head.
A faint white light wave rippled, and Lou’s head spontaneously stood up and flew up with the floating. The other six demons were the same height.
The two female brothers of the Six Demons moved their bodies faster than Wei Ji, and reappeared only a little slower. As soon as their actions were completed, they moved their bodies to a prescription position. Then they moved Brother Lu’s head and strong man, and another male brother of the Six Demons, who had no vision, moved with them. They did not move, and the base point became a hexagon.
The orientation of five people and the expression of one head are all loose. I don’t know where they are. I don’t know that their arrangement is six magic brothers relying on six rotating large arrays. However, he is very surprised that Lu fen is dead. The white woman doesn’t know the secret method to stimulate a skull. It is really secretive to be able to be like a normal person.
Who avoid to see their achievements in the appearance of the eyebrows was slightly wrinkled, but this he will not be too entangled here to find a way to break their appearance is excellent job.
Mindful of this, the guards urged the limbs to be crisp, and the sound waves shook the gods. At the same time, the white light was blazing like a small sun.
In the face of this, the two female brothers of the Six Demons Sect also immediately made moves to play the piano and play the flute melodiously and harmoniously. However, they moved straight and butted against the sound waves of the limbs.
If not, the instruments in the hands of these two female brothers are also unusual. The name of the piano is Seven Emotions and Monty, and the name of the flute is Bones and Spirits.
The seven emotions and monty’s piano is played with a few faint bright lights and gossamer dancing. These gossamer colors are blurred and attractive, which makes people look at all the past events at a glance. At that time, all kinds of moods also emerged together, which is particularly uncomfortable.
When the bones wake up the flute, there are several beautiful women’s virtual shadows emerging and dancing. When the eyes look at Wei Ji, there is a strange brilliance that makes people can’t help but get stuck at a glance.
Wei Ji was careless and couldn’t help it. Fortunately, although he was strong, he tried to ensure that the last trace of sanity was not lost. He quickly manipulated the Liujia maze and moved himself out again to avoid the seven emotions Monty Qin’s seven emotions attack on the bones and wake up the flute.
This partition who avoid center method just a turn and then finished the recovery once again appeared in front of the six magic brothers. He said, "These two school sisters should be practitioners of hell magic bodies and hungry ghosts!" The hell clan is good at manipulating worldly desires, while the hungry ghost clan is good at controlling the spirit. This statement is really unnecessary. "
Hearing this, the woman in black with the seven emotions monty piano replied with a charming smile, "Yes, this younger brother should be a trial brother of the five elements. He is not afraid to bury himself in battle and sneak up on our real cousins!"
Who avoid smell speech also don’t deny the direct way "that’s right, I’m a five-element tester. I just take a head of a six-magic clan’s outer brother, but the people in this square are too mixed, and it’s rare for me to tell the koo people apart. I don’t want to kill them indiscriminately, so I can hit your head with my idea.
I wonder if some people would like to lend me their heads? This will save me trouble and everyone will worry! "
"We have to admit that your scheming is really deep and powerful enough to fight alone. None of us can be your opponent, but now we have a six-wheel array and you have two jewels. Now it seems that it is not the time for you to control everything in your own hands.
Even if you have other powerful instruments that can overwhelm us, it must be impossible to break our six-wheel array in an instant. Our reinforcements will arrive at any time! "
"What should I do, school sister?" Who avoid asked with a smile.
"According to my younger brother, we should give in easily, but we can still save your life by taking you to the Six Demons Sect. If you insist on fighting, we will accompany you, but when the siege comes, you may not be able to really leave your hand, so you may not be killed directly if you are not careful!" Black woman immediately said
"That’s a good idea. Before I came to the deacon, the real person did say that he could surrender if he lost his words." Wei Ji still said with a smile. "But I feel that I haven’t reached that share yet! I really want to learn from your six-way rotation! "
As soon as the words fell, Wei Ji suddenly prompted the Yiliujia ecstasy array to move him to the maximum without showing signs.
The sudden change makes these six magic brothers also concerned. If the six-wheel large array alliance is not strong enough, I am afraid that it might be broken and then slaughtered.
At this moment, they don’t know that this fellow disciple, who is strictly speaking his own ally, is determined to use their heads to cast their own glory for trial. At that moment, the woman in black drank "six-way rotation!"
With his voice, four people and one head will manifest their own strength to the six magic brothers of Yin, Yang, Fengshen, Heaven and Man, and then go to a moment. The six magic brothers have expanded their heaven and man from Zhang Xu, and they are still expanding.
I also have a certain understanding of the relationship between man and nature on this day. The relationship between man and nature is derived from the supernatural power of the heavenly magic body, which originated from the celestial terran in the underworld
Terrans are the most favored race by the laws of the underworld. They are born with all kinds of array methods in their physical structure. They can release powerful magic spells without practicing transforming the aura of heaven and earth through their natural array.
This six-way devil’s brother showed the Yin-Yang Fengshen and the Heaven-Man released powerful wind spells. Obviously, he practiced Heaven’s magic body and transformed it into his body, which was naturally engraved with the Yin-Yang Fengshen array.
Seeing this situation, Wei Ji is the white six magic brothers. He hopes that with the help of Heaven’s magic body, he can send out more power than one blow, but he can hurt himself. He hopes that he can blow the Liujia maze into a crack, so that the mana fluctuation will definitely attract the attention of the other six magic brothers to come to support.
At that time, Wei Ji, who was swept by six magic brothers, could really flee in a hurry.
Where can this situation be allowed to appear? It is only natural that they should be wiped out before the gathering force can show the greatest power of Yin, Yang, Fengshen and Heaven.
Yin and Yang, Fengshen, Heaven and Man are qualitatively the combination of the supernatural powers of heaven and earth and the aura of heaven and earth. Only the most powerful way can it be scattered and crushed. If he had not been trapped by that damn dead magic snake, it would have been possible to bombard him several times. But at this time, without him, he could bear such a heavy burden, and there are also the figure of the array of immortals and the four swords of immortals.
However, Wei Ji doesn’t want to move the figure of the array of immortals or the four swords of immortals. This magic weapon is too powerful. Holding him is then a real person, and it can be easily killed. It is very unfavorable for him to practice and grow up for such a long time.
Second, he can’t control the four swords of Zhu Xian well now. If one sword is used to nullify the ghosts and gods in the past, it will be a bloody fog, which means that the original perfect lack of six heads and iron is one less.
When he was hesitant to call out Zhu Xianjian Pill, he suddenly thought of practicing Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Day, and he couldn’t help but pat himself on the head.
"Sure enough, the most familiar things are also the most easily forgotten!" Who avoid to himself, "there is no powerful attack in the existing treasure, but my body is not worse than the treasure! Now I don’t even know to what extent my strength has grown, just to take this opportunity to test one.
If you succeed, you will be happy. If you fail, you will never hesitate to kill them directly. Anyway, Lou’s head is iron and iron! "
Mindful of this, Wei Ji stopped at that time. When Zhu Xianjian Pill summoned Liujia Labyrinth to move, he launched a force. He got the Yin-Yang Fengshen method and quickly used his arms with a big drink to make a magic change.
In an instant, Wei Ji’s left arm turned into a huge one, and the handle of the copper hammer was a foot long, while the hammer head had a bucket face and more than a thousand sharp spines half a foot long were raised, while his right arm turned into a big knife with the same size and a thick back, and the blade was sharp and serrated than a triangle.
Wei Ji’s magic weapon will be transformed into double arms. The two magic weapons are made of dark iron, heavy silver and so on. Ordinary treasures may not dare to cooperate with Wei Ji when they are sharp and sharp, and they don’t understand Juli themselves. It’s like a dragon with claws and tigers adding wings.
It’s too late to say, in fact, Wei Ji’s change was just a moment’s effort. As soon as the two magic weapons were changed, Wei Ji jumped up and his right arm became thicker, and the serrated knife was first hacked towards the huge god of Yin and Yang.
A heavy rumbling thick-backed serrated knife was cut into the neck of Yin and Yang Fengshen’s heaven and man in the blessing of Wei Ji Juli, but this Yin and Yang Fengshen’s heaven and man is really a thick-backed serrated knife, and it will never be allowed to enter again when it is cut in about three inches.
Wei Ji also doesn’t care much about this. After cutting in, he quickly withdraws the sharp sawtooth and pulls it from the oblique thorn. This trend is much smaller than just chopping, but the results are much larger.
At that time, there was a huge gap between Yin and Yang Fengshen and Heaven, from which several reiki escaped, and the rising speed of Yin and Yang Fengshen and Heaven slowed down immediately.
Wei Ji was originally born in martial arts, but his close combat skill was firmly engraved in his bones. At the same time, his right hand was evacuated with a thick serrated knife, and at the same time, his left-handed copper hammer with a huge horn was smashed with a roaring wind. The place where he hit it was the deepest place where his chest was pulled out.
Angle copper hammer bombardment strength is more powerful than the thick-backed serrated knife, and then the gouges where whole pieces were missing were blasted through. Although it didn’t blow through Yin and Yang Fengshen and Heaven, it also penetrated more than half a foot, and the aura leakage became more and more severe.
At this time, although the Yin and Yang Fengshen and the Heaven and Man have the spiritual blessing of your six magic brothers and the reiki of heaven and earth, they are still not comparable to the leakage speed, but the original is still rising, and the Yin and Yang Fengshen and the Heaven and Man are gradually shrinking.
Wei Ji’s attack is so fierce and strange that he can’t help but be stunned by the brother who practices heaven, magic body and six magic bodies. Otherwise, even if Wei Ji’s speed is extraordinary and he goes hand in hand, he won’t let Wei Ji’s second strike strike strike in the same place as Yin and Yang.
At this time, he didn’t consider who bogey was a freak. He knew that if he didn’t hurry to attack who bogey so hard, the Yin and Yang Fengshen and Heaven were afraid of each other, and it wouldn’t work much, and it wouldn’t break the maze of Liujia.
"Yin and Yang are in harmony with each other!"
The disciple of Heaven, the Six Demons, yelled at his brother’s dharma tactic, and quickly squeezed out that there was still nearly four feet high, and the four arms of Yin, Yang, Fengshen, Heaven and Man were dancing in unison. Two fine jade hands hit the virtual shadow in the pocket, and the two strong arms also shook up the virtual shadow of the banner.