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The bald young man said aggressively, "Forget forging skills and don’t come out to harm people again. Besides, you must pay extra compensation!"
"It’s impossible for me to compensate, but I can’t forget my skills!" Lizbeth stubborn boulevard
"Hum," the bald young man sneered. "Even recasting can make the equipment disappear. Do you dare to come out and take business at this level? Get out of here before it’s too late. "
"You …!" Lizbeth’s eyes turned red and pointed at the bald young man, unable to speak. She retorted that the equipment really disappeared because of the failure of recasting, and even now she couldn’t figure out what was going on.
The bald young man is going to be impatient when he is finished. "Hurry up, there is not so much time to wave."
Xiang glanced coldly. The young man dropped the mail he had just received and went out directly. Suddenly everyone looked at him.
Players who didn’t carry that eye-catching shield didn’t recognize him as Xiang at the first time. Subconsciously, they thought that high-level Xiang wouldn’t come here.
"What material did he recast his one-handed sword? "Xiang went to Liz Betty asked directly.
Liz Bette didn’t react when she heard his question. The bald young man’s face changed slightly and he looked at Xiang’s eyes and became bad.
Chapter VII
Will the so-called recasting not fail?
Most people will be sure that the answer will not fail and even the equipment will not be broken, which is irrefutable evidence that this phenomenon has never happened since the beginning of the game.
Even Liz Bette, after recasting the equipment by her hand, has ten worst results, that is, the equipment attribute is not high, but it is lower than broken, which is never encountered, but it is not absolute.
Recasting the material will affect the high attribute, reduce the attribute, and of course make the equipment disappear.
Xiang asked this question clearly from the chief forger in the guild before he intervened, and that forger was the one who created the eternal night man.
Some things don’t need to be said too clearly. Xiang just stared at the bald young man coldly without waiting for Liz Bette to answer.
It’s only been less than half a year since the swindler incident, but it seems like a long time ago. Perhaps the world has passed very slowly, which will lead to such an illusion.
What does the other person really want? At first, Xiang thought it was a simple attempt to defraud Cole, but when the bald young man said that it was not that simple to force Lizbeth to forget his forging skills, maybe it was malicious competition.
The bald young man’s face was suddenly very ugly. When Xiang came forward to ask for the enhanced material, his heart jumped at first and then he was full of anger.
That single-handed sword has a high market value, but the market value has been exhausted, and it will fall directly to the bottom and be used as a fraud.
"damn nosy guy."
His eyebrows a wrinkly uncomfortable looking at xiang cold way "who are you? What do you want? "
Xiang didn’t look at him and turned to Lizbeth and asked, "If there are iron in stone and boiling silver powder in the reinforced material, then recasting will break the equipment. Did he give you these two kinds of reinforced material?"
Liz Betty smell speech facial expression, a consciousness nodded his head.
After getting the answer, Xiang looked at the humanitarian with a dull eye. "I think you know this information very well yourself."
Bald face suddenly became gloomy, and he didn’t expect to come out suddenly, and Xiang knew the secret that his friend had discovered not long ago.
"How should I know that kind of thing? I don’t ask her to forget her skills, just pay me a sword. "
Nai Guangtou can take a step back and ask the other party to compensate for the light one-handed sword with enhanced times.
(I remember that the strengthening times in sa will not be displayed.)
He was able to shrug his shoulders and cast a helpless look at Lizbeth when he intervened in the normal transaction cost.
Liz Bette was in a bad mood when she learned that she was almost cheated. She tried her best to repay the other party’s losses, but it seems that maybe the number of times that the one-handed sword was strengthened has run out. No wonder it was strengthened to 3.
She is not good at pinching persimmon. She immediately said coldly, "Your single-handed sword has been strengthened for three times, and the overall value is less than one-third of the original value. Moreover, the loss caused by the failure to strengthen the equipment according to the default trading code is borne by the buyer himself. Recasting is also a kind of strengthening. If it fails, you will be out of luck."
The bald head first stays and then looks cruel. "So you’re not going to compensate?"
Liz Bette is not afraid to look him in the eye. "I have no right to compensate for a cheat."
"Good good!"
Bald even gave Xiang a bold stare and then turned around and left. If he knew that the person he was staring at was a blood alliance Xiang, he might not be calm. After all, the player base here is middle-level, and Xiang can be suppressed according to the ability value and level. One person can casually hit ten people with the same level as bald.
Things have been solved in this way, but the onlookers are still wanting more, but this onlookers have brought them an information, that is, don’t add those two materials after recasting.
"Thanks." Liz Bette’s tone was a little low. She thanked Xiang. There were so many people watching this time, but she still left. In that case, I’m afraid the reputation will be affected, and the number of guests who asked her to strengthen and recast will definitely decrease.
The onlookers gradually dispersed. Xiang smiled and pulled out the style. She handed it forward all night and said, "Liz Bette helped me recast this weapon."
Liz Bette looked at him in surprise, and then the whole person was attracted by the eternal night. The dark blade actually flashed cold and cold from time to time, and even the hilt was so dark and had a unique style. It looked very cool, but it took only a moment for her to conclude that this weapon was made by players, and only players could make weapons with fantasy characteristics.
I couldn’t help but take the eternal night and look up. When I saw the attributes strengthened by the eternal night, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. "What to strengthen the sharp body attributes has a high value of armor-piercing and sharpness, which is simply too extreme and will be broken if you are not careful …"
She stared at the eternal night attribute carefully, and her eyes suddenly widened. Does it break armor and sharpen the Lord every time she recasts? It’s crazy, so weapons can easily break because of the rebound of hard armor.
"Broken …" Xiang suddenly slid across a picture in front of him. His rare one-handed sword was so broken when Heathcliff was fighting, but he was not a Tongren.
"If it is Mao, it will also be able to penetrate the shield Mao. Please consider the main factors of armor piercing and sharpness to recast this eternal night."
The tone is very firm. Liz Bette’s slightly stunned words of dissuasion suddenly stuck in her throat. Her doubts and incomprehension created the eternal night. The chief forger also experienced it and actively dissuaded Xiang, but she did not move.
He firmly believes that the sword in his hand can penetrate Heathcliff shield and break the barrier hanging over the world.
"Please," Xiang smiled faintly, but her eyes were very serious.