Being forced by Yan Qingtang to be an accomplice, the water city suddenly turned white when I heard this. I don’t know if it should be.

Not far away, Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen were shocked when they heard this. Shui Dream wanted to revive Shen Menglu’s body and her daughter wanted to occupy the sky! This is wishful thinking.
Zhu Yinzhen’s face turned black when he heard the dream of water and ordered him to arrest people in the water fantasy city. He firmly protected Shen Menglu’s arms and prepared for the battle. Shuiyi dreamed of playing with them in his palm. Ask him if the emperor promised or not.
See a dream of water into madness. Master Wisdom of Taiwan is also anxious. At this moment, Master Wisdom no longer cares about the so-called monk status. She hugged the dream of water and shouted to Xiao Kui, "Go! Go quickly! "
See things out of control small kwai also some alarmed at the moment also desperate thinking about yourself to take off the body first.
See little kwai to walk a dream suddenly go.
"Don’t take pity when you come back!" Shuiyimeng cried and struggled to get rid of Master Hui Zhi and muzzle Master Nai Hui Zhi, but he tried his best to hold Shuiyimeng to death.
Struggle to see little kwai and run away from the water dream suddenly roars a "water city will give me pity stopped! If she runs away, I will ask all of you to be buried with her! "
I’m still hesitating and struggling. The Water Dream City has a heavy heart when I heard this. He knows water and dreams too well. She is definitely the kind of person who can say and do it. She mistook Xiao Kui for her daughter’s pity soul. If pity disappears at this moment, then water and dreams will really kill them all!
"Yan Qingtang, you go and bring Xiao Kui, and I promise you to let you go." Water City anxiously pushed Yan Qingtang and urged him to save Xiao Kui, but he turned to run to Wuling Castle, and now he ran away!
Yan Qingtang immediately rushed to the edge of the platform and rushed to the edge of the platform. Xiao Kui shouted, "Xiao Kui, I am here, please come here quickly."
Desperate little kwai heard Yan Qingtang’s voice and immediately gave a sigh of relief. She just wanted to pass her hand behind her, but once again there was a dream of water tearing her heart out and crying.
"Pity heart pity heart you don’t go! Mother finally found you. Don’t go. Don’t leave your mother again, okay? Mother, please don’t leave your mother, okay? You let your mother see you, you let your mother see you! " Water still doesn’t realize that the white shadow in front of him is not a ghost, but a living person.
Small kwai heart Yishan didn’t look back still walked past towards Yan Qingtang.
"Pity …" See that you can’t call Xiao Kui away. Water dreams and shouts wildly "Good you go! Just go! Since you won’t come back to life, your mother will kill everyone and go with you! "
Water dreams in anger, a sudden backhand, a palm force, and a huge impact on Taiwan. Suddenly, Master Hui Zhi shook her, and the little kwai on the edge of Taiwan was also shaken by this momentum wave, and she flew down toward Yan Qingtang.
In the dark, before Shen Menglu and others could react, they heard a boom, and the high platform made of thick wooden stakes collapsed. People around the platform suddenly suffered and whined for a moment.
The hearts of Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu in the periphery are all sinking! Master Huizhi is still standing on the platform, and Yan Qingtang and Yan Yi’s father have also returned to the platform with their daughter Zhu Runyue.
"Run Run Run!" The thought of being held in Yan Yi’s arms Zhu Runyue Shen Menglu suddenly cried out, "Fire! Hurry up! "
"Mom, you calm down …" Shen Menglu, Zhu Yinzhen, who was suddenly out of control, tried to comfort him but was pushed by Shen Menglu.
"Go to the ignition! Hurry up! I’m going to find my daughter! " Shen Menglu panicked and shouted and ran towards the collapsed platform in the dark.
"Mom!" Zhu Yinzhen felt a sudden cold sweat and ran to Wuling Fort. No matter what is going on now, everything is floating clouds. Find the people first.
Just ready to run the road, the passage was about to return to the water fantasy city by the same way, and Zhu Yinzhen met the oncoming one.
"What’s the matter? What happened? " Water Dream City grabbed Zhu Yinzhen and asked anxiously that he also heard that huge and frightening roar.
"Get the fire! Get the fire! Save people! " Zhu Yinzhen has no idea to explain to Water City at the moment, urging him to find torches and fire folds.
Hearing the word "save lives", the water fantasy city called "Bad" and called all the guards in Wuling Castle to raise their torches and hurry to Taiwan.
The dense fire dispelled the heavy night. After seeing the scene in front of me, the Water Dream City couldn’t help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning. The circular platform seemed to be split from it and collapsed in two. Several people around the frustum of a cone were crying sadly.
"Niang! Niang! " Zhu Yinzhen is looking for Shen Menglu and others without considering the tragic situation at the moment.
Return to absolute being, the city of water told the guards around to set up a fire and then joined the ranks of missing people. Where is Xiao Kui Xiao Kui?
Zhu Yinzhen soon joined Shen Menglu and saw Enron sick Shen Menglu and her arms crying. Zhu Runyue Zhu Yinzhen breathed a long sigh of relief.
"Mom, are you okay?" Zhu Yinzhen asked uneasily, "What happened to Runyue?"
"I’m all right, Runyue is all right. I’m just scared. Go and help me find Master Wisdom." Shen Menglu quickly explained that she urged Zhu Yinzhen to help.
When I heard the abnormal sound of Taiwan, Yan Yiyi ran away with Zhu Runyue, only to avoid a robbery. After Shen Menglu met, Yan Yiyi gave Zhu Runyue to Shen Menglu and plunged into the ruins to find Master Wisdom.
Shen Menglu’s heart almost stopped when he looked at the littering stake. When the platform collapsed, Master Huizhi thought he couldn’t hide from it.
"Good mother, don’t worry, I’ll go to the mother. You stay away from people." Zhu Yinzhen told me to run towards the disaster center.
Far away from the crowd, while Shen Menglu coaxed Zhu Runyue into her arms, she looked for others to see Yan Qingtang and Xiao Kuitai walking slowly towards her and bowed their heads to comfort Princess Yi Zhu Yinyou, which was only slightly relieved.
Great! Everyone is fine. If you want to find Master Wisdom, everything will be fine! Shen Menglu was glad to find a problem soon at the same time. Water and a dream are gone!
What about a dream of water? Have you also been crushed? Shen Menglu narrowed her eyes and tried to search for a dream figure of water. But when Shen Menglu was concentrating on finding someone, she suddenly heard Yan Qingtang shout in horror, "Shen Queen, be careful behind you!"
Shen Menglu slightly one leng has not yet reacted when he was suddenly grabbed his feet from behind and soared to half a 543 crazy outbreak.
Shen Menglu dark call a bad feel cold back quickly firmly hugged his arms Zhu Runyue don’t look back Shen Menglu also know who is holding one of their own, suspected to be crazy.