Wang Yuehe was the last one in the Tibetan Pavilion to be read by Wang Yue.

"Yue Lang!" Wang Yuyan yinlai
Wang Yue eyebrows a wrinkly "is Rosa sound".
A look at the heart is discovering that Su Xinghe’s life is at stake
"Burst …" Wang Yue hit two congenital Gang gas with a wave of his hand.
Gang gas penetrated the stone wall and flew to Ding Chunqiu and Youtan, which was as fast as two white streamers.
Swimming tan and Ding Chunqiu scalp is a burst of pins and needles
They can retreat, and if they continue to attack Su Xinghe, they will be hit by these two congenital gangqi.
Two risks and risks to avoid the congenital gang gas attack, a face of shock to see the direction of the Tibetan pavilion.
Two congenital vigorous qi penetrated several stone mountains, and it didn’t dissipate until 100 meters away.
"The two masters are shameful to an old man!" Wangyue sound qi
Hearing Wang Yueyin, everyone’s face changed dramatically. There are even masters in this deaf-mute valley!
Mufu looks very ugly. He didn’t expect Wang Yue’s martial arts to reach such a state. Now he and Wang Yue have no hope of winning.
"Has Wang Yue’s martial arts reached the level of Dan Jin?" Mufu heart doubt way
Wang Yue, dressed in black, hit Shimen and walked out of the Tibetan Pavilion.
"Yue Lang" Wang Yuyan came to Wang Yue and took his arm.
"Village head" Xiaohuan also walked beside Wang Yue.
When Wang Yue came out, they were not afraid anymore.
Mufu saw a burst of jealousy and resentment in Wang Yuyan’s eyes for Wang Yue’s tenderness.
Duan Yu saw that Wang Yuyan and Wang Yue had married and envied, "It turns out that Miss Wang really married the owner of Wang Yue Pavilion."
Su Xinghe went to Wang Yue and thanked him, "Thank you, Wang Yue, Shaoxia, for saving his life."
Wang Yue said with a smile, "Sir, don’t say that your school can let me go to the Tibetan Pavilion to see this favor, but it is greater than heaven."
Ding Chunqiu stared at Wang Yue cold way "you are the Wang Yue? I heard that you took the old fairy, my Shenmu Wang Ding? If you don’t take it out today, the old fairy will never let you go. "
Wang Yue laughed. "Ding Chunqiu, don’t say that Shenmu Wang Ding doesn’t have my hand now, even if you have that thing to take away? You Ding Chunqiu is a traitor in Minstrel. Naturally, there are Minstrel people to pick you up. I will bypass your life today. Hurry up and take you to Uzbekistan. "
Ding Chunqiu was livid and wanted to kill Wang Yue, but he also knew that he was no match for Wang Yue.
Wang Yue walked towards Aju step by step.
You Tan blocked Wang Yue with a murderous look in his eyes. "If you dare to come near A Zi girl again, I will kill you!"
Wang Yue shook his head. "She’s not A Zi. You’d better give her to me or I won’t be polite to you."
You Tan’s life experience is poor, but Wang Yue will not let Ah Zhu follow him because he is poor. More importantly, Ah Zhu’s eyes are extremely poisoned, and it will be difficult to recover if he is not treated.
This time …
Shiba suddenly shouted, "I recognize you. You are stealing my tribe’s magical powers!" "
As soon as Shiba’s savage breath emerges, he will not only kill Wang Yue, but also bring back his magic to the tribe.
Wang Yue corners of the mouth slightly become warped looking at shiba "shiba you also came to the central plains"
Cliff wastes Xu Zhu’s Shaolin martial arts.
Xu Zhu was distressed. "Senior, you have to abolish the Shaolin martial arts of the little monk. Although he learned the basic skills of Shaolin, he also cultivated it for more than ten years."
Cliff nai said, "When I came to the old man, I thought it would be a young talent to crack the chess game of Jane Long, but I didn’t expect it to be a young monk. When I was there, I was also destined that the old man could comply with my destiny."
"Little monk, please learn from me." Cliff said.
Xu Zhu wondered, "How can you learn from your master when you have a master? It is indispensable. "
Cliff serious way "kowtow!"
You are a senior and should kowtow to you.
I have been knocking on the cliff for nine times before saying "good"
Cliff will exert its strength to catch the virtual bamboo in front, regardless of the virtual bamboo’s resistance to the true qi of the earth, and get through the meridians of the body.
Wait until the virtual bamboo governor’s second pulse is opened, and the cliff will be a pure northern ghost qi department to the virtual bamboo dantian.
Lost a true qi cliff into a white-haired old man.
"Xu Zhu, I have all my skills. After you go out, you killed the traitor Ding Chunqiu for me. And here is a painting. The person in the painting is me, Younger. If you meet her, you will say that I am sorry for him. If you want to learn my Minstrel martial arts, you will go to Tianshan Mountain to find my teacher elder sister’ Tianshan Tongmu’. She has a lot of advanced martial arts. This Banzhi will also be given to you. Now you are my head of Minstrel …"
Scarcely had the cliff finished when it died.
"Elder …" Xu Zhu shouted "Master … how are you?"
Now Xuzhu knows that the nine Xiangtou just now are word masters.
Xu Zhu Dai Zhang Banzhi walked out of the stone room with a picture scroll.
Wang Yue saw Xu Zhu come out with a sigh in his heart. The cliff died, and the loss of life on the cliff was beyond healing. Even Bian Que was reborn, and Hua Tuo was afraid there was nothing he could do.
Chapter 5 siege
Su Xinghe walked up to Xuzhu and asked, "What happened to Master?"
Xu Zhu said sadly, "The elder … gave all his strength to the little monk and passed away."
Su Xinghe said sadly, "I didn’t expect that the master was still dead, little brother. Now you have the ring of the head, which is my head in Minstrel. Everything should be handled by you."
Su Xinghe pointed to Ding Chunqiu. "This Ding Chunqiu is my traitor in Minstrel. Not only did he betray his legacy, but he also made the master’s legs crippled. You must kill his master for revenge."
Ding Chunqiu?’ Xu Zhu has a guilty conscience. After all, he is a young monk in Shaolin Temple. Although he has gained a skill in cliff, he has not yet become a master.