It’s not surprising that those monks who fought in groups of three and five have obviously signed up, and some of these people have set up stalls here to start businesses.

This is also a means to sharpen one’s disciples. Of course, sharpening is not a means of doing business, but whether you can keep your heart in this chaotic and impetuous atmosphere and steadily improve your strength through trading.
At this time, it’s not noon, but it’s still early. There are many monks around the registration site, but they are not in a hurry. They used to walk around the valley at will. Suddenly, he found a little different from his impression, but when he looked carefully, he couldn’t help but have his heart broken. It turned out that these steel rocks that make up the mountain walls were completely transformed into another harder substance by the magic of the National People’s Congress.
After the defender avoided turning his interest to other places, it was not until dusk that Wei Ji walked slowly towards there. Obviously, the treatment was very different between the five-element brothers and the non-five-element brothers. Wei Ji drifted away after signing up in an instant; Instead of almost at the same time, other sects were reprimanded.
Chapter DiSiLiuSan Core elders
Chapter DiSiLiuSan Core elders
When signing up, the defender left the battle valley immediately, not that he was familiar with the situation of the battle valley and didn’t need to observe it any more, but that he had got the real voice of the registered subject at the time of signing up and asked him to report his strength to the core elders in the deacon hall of Wuxing Peak.
It seems unfair to say that this means is obviously that the Five Elements Sect has made the final quota tilt to his brother as much as possible, but how can there be absolute fairness in the world? The monks’ sects are on the rise and fall of each other. If the core elders of the Five Elements Sect don’t do this, it would be purely foolish to gamble on their own sects’ details, and the future is unpredictable.
Who avoid past lives, people at the bottom of the body are naturally particularly sensitive to the pursuit of fairness. Now, there is still a sense of discomfort in knowing this situation, but at this moment, his position is different. He is not the kind of pedant. If he controls the world order, he will naturally create fairness as much as possible, but since he is far from the strength, he will not deliberately not enjoy the benefits of this unfairness.
Wuxing Peak is an ordinary brother who is the head of the house, so he can’t come to Weiji and hasn’t been here several times. However, the master of the deacon temple is his master Wutong, who is really familiar with the situation of the real deacon temple. Soon Weiji came to the core elders of Wuxingzong to temporarily sit in the palace.
This core elder doesn’t continue his youth as much as possible like other monks. Even though he can’t restore his appearance to his youth, Feng Yi is still showing his dignity in his prime. At present, this core elder doesn’t spend the slightest bit of his strength on his face, but he also looks very old after a long time.
Not only is the word "old" far from enough to describe his image, but his face is full of wrinkles and folds, and his flesh is so loose that he can’t even tell it’s a face, and his body is nothing but skin and bones.
If Wei Ji didn’t know in advance that this man is the core elder of the Five Elements Sect, and he is also a master of the level of God and King, it is very rare to recognize him as a person at first sight. In more cases, it will be turned into an endless monster.
But now that Wei Ji has seen this situation, although it is also uncomfortable to see this situation, it can also keep calm and calm, and the heart will not jump. It can also make your eyes clear and not show waves. When you look at it like this, Wei Ji will naturally look at the eyes of the elderly core elder.
What kind of eyes are those!
At that moment, Wei Ji simply flew out of his body and went straight into himself. He scanned all his secrets. At this moment, Wei Ji was really horrified. It was better than being unable to help but tremble all over. This situation only lasted for a moment. After a moment, those eyes returned to normal. Wei Ji looked at the past but there was no previous strange thing, just like ordinary people.
But at this moment, with this pair of eyes, Wei Ji will look at this core elder again, but without the previous ugly sense of disharmony, he feels that his body is full of a sense of wisdom.
This kind of situation is not seen with my own eyes. Even if Wei Ji tells others everything he knows, that person will be shocked by the world-class power possessed by this core elder. However, Wei Ji himself is very aware that he is sober and his mood is several times better than normal, but he can’t guarantee it, but it is still very easy to get twice the result with half the effort. This is definitely not an illusion implied by himself, but a reality.
Although it’s a long story, it’s just a moment. At this moment, Wei Ji has avoided hiding a little from this core elder. The only thing he can do now is to tell the truth and not to be mixed with the slightest lie.
When Li Weiji didn’t wait for the core elder’s mouth, he bowed down and explained his own situation. Of course, the situation of the four swords of Zhu Xian won’t be leaked, but this can’t be regarded as a lie, because according to the requirements of the Five Elements Sect, he also needs to report to the core elder that his hundred-year training quota is ready to display all his strength, and the figure of Zhu Xian array and the four swords of Zhu Xian are obviously in addition.
In addition, Wei Ji did not hide anything about the rest of the situation, including the fact that Taoist Xueling, a middle-ranking method, has completely recognized himself and can play his part to destroy the elixir at any time; Including myself, in case I lost 300 million Lingshi wealth, I went to collect the situation of building sub-deep mines, charms and treasures at the grass-roots level; include
Even the most defensive bogey said that he has tens of billions of Lingshi wealth. It’s not that he wants to say it himself. There is a faint feeling in his heart that if he doesn’t say it, it seems a little bad. Of course, the avant-garde bogey also experienced some thinking in his mind. He estimated that it is unlikely that the Five Elements Sect will collect his wealth. After all, he previously reported to the Five Elements Sect that Xuan Ming Stone, When Xuan Ming Zhenshui condensed the secret array, the core layer of the Five Elements Sect should have been able to imagine that their harvest was absolutely incredible. Since they didn’t have a mouth to contribute those Lingshi at that time, it is naturally even more impossible now. After all, there are five elements of Lingfeng large array in the Five Elements Sect, and Lingshi is the most indispensable one.
After listening to Wei Ji’s words, the core elder finally changed a little. The wrinkled face seemed to show a gentle smile and then said, "Good work!"
As soon as the words fall, the potential will suddenly give birth to sending Wei Ji out of the palace.
Chapter DiSiLiuSi mana mark
Chapter DiSiLiuSi mana mark
Although this potential is different, it is great, and the little resistance that Wei Ji can muster is just like ants and elephants. There is no comparison between them.
Moreover, the core elder’s control of power is obvious, and he has reached the point where he has become a wonderful person. After sending Wei Ji out of the palace door, he suddenly narrowed it down and melted it into a thin thread. Wei Ji’s body wandered along the meridians and stopped at the fingertips of his right middle finger.
At this time, there are other five elements of monks outside the palace who have come to the core elders to see their own combat power. Although some people are calm on the surface, their eyebrows and corners of their eyes are secretly showing sarcastic smiles or disdain.
Obviously, these people regard Wei Ji as a monk who failed to pass any test in the palace. For this reason, Wei Ji naturally won’t have a brief scan with their common sense and found that none of his acquaintances left the deacon’s temple immediately without stopping, and then drove the streamer sword to fly to the array valley again.
There is still one last procedure that has not been completed in the fight for the number of training places in the past 100 years, that is, to extract the number plate of the challenge that you have received so as to decide who your opponent is.
Soon Wei Ji, a flying sword, came to the theater again. Because today is the registration day, the matter of extracting the number plate has to wait until the day before. Wei Ji found a piece that was fairly quiet, left his personal home and prepared to stay for one night.
When you enter your own personal residence, the guard should avoid being in a flash, and you have already reached the bed, cross your legs, and make your hands rotate like a wheel. The road is printed and printed, and the light shines suddenly. A sun appeared in the house, and then a crisp registration was made, and the light exploded and quickly hit the walls around your personal residence.
At once, there are more than a few symbols with different sizes. These symbols are all slightly shining like hair, and they are connected to form a dense network. At this moment, if someone lives outside Weiji and looks in, what they can see is the endless golden brilliance like running water.
Although anyone with some eyesight can see that this is a shielding forbidden law, if you want to crack it, you can see the real scene in it, but this is the land. This is the five elements of the mountain gate, and who dares to expect it aboveboard? That would be tantamount to provoking the majesty of the five elements. There is one such situation, which is like the annihilation of fly ash without exception.
Being able to appear in this array valley is just the fact that one’s own eyesight or mental state secretly pays attention to and observes the movements of the rest of the monks. It is also the fact that the forbidden method he displayed seems complicated and complicated, but it is actually just a very common shielding forbidden method.
If Wei Ji-xiu has achieved the goal that then the real person has learned the tactic of "all things in one", then this common forbidden method will take so many more procedures and so much effort to achieve it in an instant.
This is also the truth of the elixir, which is regarded as a root of the higher friar in Zhuji.
Wei Ji wouldn’t have spent so much effort to create such a barrier if he just stayed in this valley for one night, because he was very confident that it was impossible for his competitors to know his real situation in this valley, and the reason was simple, because he didn’t plan to strengthen his strength here. Wei Ji would be very happy if someone had a glimpse of his situation and estimated his strength on the surface.
Because at that time, if both sides are absolutely a good thing for Wei Ji, it will definitely make it easier for him to win.
It’s so good not to shield one’s own situation that Wei Ji has to spend energy to shield it. Naturally, there are other reasons, and this reason is also very simple. That is, Wei Ji wants to understand what is the magic that stays in one’s body when the core elder sends himself out of the palace. What’s the point?
Although Wei Ji knows very well that if a master with the level of less gods and gods wants to plot against him, it needs to be so obvious. Since this kind of obvious trick comes out, it will be a situation that this magic is of great benefit to himself.
If it is an ordinary person, it will definitely not act like Wei Ji, because everyone in the friar world knows that the more you don’t understand the situation, the more benefits you get, but because you can’t resist curiosity, people who analyze the situation are often determined by high people that their minds are not calm enough. In the end, even if you don’t draw water in a basket, the benefits are absolutely few.