Said the tan worship took the lead in pulling the horse back to greet the cronies and slaves around him to break through quickly.

These minions with yellow flags also reacted and followed Tan Bai’s footsteps to break back.
Kong Youde didn’t expect this dog to be so slippery that he couldn’t help swearing: "Don’t run if you have the guts!"
On the other hand, Qiu Dabai just wrapped it up, but he also found that Tan Bai was furious that he wanted to run away. He also expected this achievement to rise to a thousand. He couldn’t help swearing: "Turtle, you fucking run a ball!"
Chapter 561 Victory!
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Tambai’s escape soon triggered a chain reaction in the post-Jin war.
After the battle, 8 jin j has long understood that these small armies are all hard bones.
If the first wave didn’t come to them, there wouldn’t be many opportunities now.
Nobody is stupid.
Tan Bai, when the Lord has run away, they are still standing here, and they are not as strong as these mad dogs!
Soon, following Tan Bai’s footsteps, more and more Jin cavalry swarmed back, and their power was several times faster than when they rushed to the array.
Although the army in the rear has formed a camp for the post-8 Jin Army, it is still too thin.
It’s too much to add these tartars’ power to escape. Behind them, these soldiers dare not. They have to give way to the road and leave them a few gaps.
These tartars filed out in an instant and swarmed back and fled.
In the middle of the war, A Min soon discovered the abnormality here and couldn’t help swearing at Tan Bai: "Tan Bai, a dog slave, dared to run away from the game! I will never end with you! !”
However, scolding A Min did not dare to neglect and quickly shouted to the slaves around him: "Let’s take a step back first!"
How can you pester Li Yuanqing with Tan Bailai’s "back pot" A Min? Quickly pull out the horse and turn back to cover dozens of confidants and slaves and rush towards the back.
In the war, a strange frenzy soon formed.
Guiding these dogs with blue flags and yellow flags is just like racing …
Unfortunately, Meng Gang, which has been isolated on the flank of the war, is not so lucky.
By the time he reacted, A Min and Tambai had rushed out of the military battle, but he and his tribes had been firmly surrounded by the military battle.
"These lowly bastards!" Meng Gang is not frightened.
But at this time, he didn’t hesitate to come, and quickly called to his tribe, thinking of breaking through toward the northeast.
It’s a pity that he didn’t notice that it was in his flank. Kong Youde and Qiu Dabai had already noticed him for a long time
"The dog tartar run small also want to run? Play around and shoot their horses! Quick! " Qiu shouted loudly.
The idlers around him were ready to pull the trigger in succession, and instantly "bang bang bang" a series of birds sounded, and dozens of Tatar war horses were shot in succession, whining and rolling their Tatar riders off their horses.
Meng Gang was lucky, surrounded by minions, and didn’t suffer any substantial damage, but the horse was shocked and kept whining and swinging back and forth.
Meng Gang is at this time where also to spare horsepower?
"Drive! Drive! "
He whipped his whip desperately, hoping that his hip BMW would explode to its maximum potential.
Seeing that Meng Gang is about to stand out from behind, Qiu Dabai is furious: "Damn it, do you still want to fly away?"
Said the Qiu big bang also to thoughtlessly Athens hand command knife like throwing javelin mercilessly thrown to the Meng Gang all ass.
Qiu Dabang’s nickname is not for nothing.
His shoulders are wider than normal, and his arms are thicker than normal calves.