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This matter is also handed over to Yang Lao-tou to solve Yang Lao-tou’s problem. It’s also natural and unrestrained to decide on June 11th, 2005, which is three months smaller than Hua Zhen’s trip. I don’t know whether it is his old man’s house to figure it out or to pat his forehead.

According to this registration age, Maman has reached the age of fifteen, and she doesn’t have to go to the first grade of primary school, but she can also go to evening classes.
Many people of Poseidon have to go to night classes. The old patriarch Zahin also made special arrangements and personally took charge of a large class monitor.
Hua Zhen line after listening to smiled "manman, you don’t level can be a cram school teacher!
You are a friar in the four realms, and you have already passed through the magic realm. God is strong in learning everything much faster than ordinary people. Just teach yourself according to the homework table given by Uncle Mo. "
Mann: "Zahin also has three realms and three realms. Yuan Shen is not slow to learn anything. Why does he also attend cram school?"
Hua Zhen trip "Zahin is the patriarch. Of course, we should set an example and organize people to go to night school together. He just studies actively. Uncle Mo has plans for Zahin to set up a mechanic training school in the future and plan to train him as the principal.
For you, you are now the main assistant of Yangyuan Art Center, and you should learn what you should learn by yourself. After two years, we will go directly to the university when we have the opportunity. "
This sounds like a fool, but Manman believes everything Hua Zhenxing says. According to her personal experience, no matter how outrageous Hua Zhenxing says, she has never fooled anyone.
Mann Mann is pleasantly surprised, "which university? There is no university in Port-de-Somalia! "
Hua Zhen went to dongguk university to study at Chunhua University, which I heard was the best university in the East.
Mann Mann didn’t consider can, how to? Instead, he asked, "Xiaohua, are you going to college after you have reached such a high level?"
Hua Zhen line "to be modest! How high my level is another matter. This is mainly to see the world and know more people. It is best to bring them here for construction.
By the way, we can also talk about a joint campus of Chunhua University … Study hard. I think you can be the president in the future! "
Maman nodded seriously. "Hmm!" After thinking about it, I asked, "What major do you want to study?"
Hua Zhen trip "I came to study national design and founding, but I didn’t find this major later. All universities in East China didn’t have this major. Yang Zong asked me to read more historical and political materials … I decided to read a courseware for urban and rural planning first. I have read the exam. It is definitely no problem."
Maman "Then I will also look at the courseware."
Hua Zhen trip: "You should finish the homework list given by Uncle Mo first, and then I will give you the courseware. You can study any major you want. Find a big shell and ask for the courseware so that you can understand it."
Man Man "General Manager Yang and General Manager Ke came back today and asked me to go to the grocery store for dinner later."
Hua Zhen trip "Let’s go together, just go back to cook. I heard that Yang Zong brought a lot of fresh vegetables and eggs today."
Mann Mann "Yang Zong is currently formulating the discipline of the headquarters of Yangyuan Art, and one of them is a bird’s egg."
Hua Zhen line "What is the discipline of bird eggs?"
Maman "I heard that there are many birds in the Yangyuan Art Headquarters, and many nests have been built. Birds’ eggs can always be picked up in the nests."
Hua Zhen trip "I picked it up and took you to eat later. I can also make beggar chicken and stone fish."
Man Man, "I said that this is the case. It is strictly forbidden to steal bird eggs at Yangyuan Art Headquarters. If you want to pick up bird eggs, you need the approval of the deputy principal level leaders and report the location, species and quantity of bird eggs.
If you steal eggs without authorization, you will be severely punished, not only for fines, but also for facing the wall. "
Hua Zhen trip is "so strict?"
"Man Man" is very detailed! Pick up the eggs, first pick up the eggs that can’t hatch, and then go to the headquarters to train the yuan-cultivating teacher to learn to tell the difference.
And you can’t pick up a nest of eggs, so you have to leave two nests with only or less eggs. You are not allowed to pick them up … The time, place and species shall be stipulated separately according to the actual situation. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "Is there so much attention to picking up a bird’s egg?"
Mann Mann "of course, protect the headquarters environment! Although there are few people in the current headquarters, according to the plan, the largest scale in the future can accommodate 10,000 people. "
Hua Zhen trip "that is equivalent to a comprehensive university"
Three old people, the center of the hurricane tray in that valley has created a blessed land, instead of taking the road of inheriting ancestors, there has never been that school of spiritual practice that can reach the scale of 10 thousand people since ancient times, and that is the headquarters of the future world yuan-cultivating division
Mann added, "And you bought everything in that place, including those birds and eggs, which are your private property. Stealing eggs is equivalent to stealing from you."
Hua Zhen trip "I’m not so stingy, but I really should take good care of the environment. Is Yang Zong making this rule because his old man’s house is greedy? His level, of course, deputy master "
Maman "You are absolutely right! I also think so. "
Hua Zhen and Manman walked back while chatting. He thought of another problem and felt that the money seemed a little insufficient.
At the beginning of the year, I just got 6 billion Dong Guo currency from Yue Gaole. At one time, Hua Zhen Bank recognized a lot of money, but it was still very nervous when I caught it.
Luofugen Water was aided by the Fogen Foundation, and the first phase of the new airport project was paid by Rothschild, but his project was a bit large.
In order to buy the land in the north of the agricultural reclamation area, he spent 3 billion meters of gold to pay in ten years, and just paid 300 million meters of gold to the municipal government of Somalia, otherwise the public education plan will be implemented by law.
Hua Zhen also wants to establish an overseas branch of Huiying School in the name of industry, buy Sanhu Town and order two helicopters … Many projects, such as helicopters, are not finished when they are bought back, and maintenance, operation and operation are also very expensive.
Hua Zhenxing signed a 10-year exclusive agency agreement with Gambisting through Yogoro. The minimum quantity of Chundan is 100 boxes and the maximum is 1000 boxes each year, but he is not allowed to sell Chundan through other channels in this decade.
In the past ten years, he can get up to 200 billion Dong Guo’s sales revenue every year. It is still difficult to calculate in Chengyan, but the key problem is that the old man Yang has applied for the year and needs Hua Zhen Bank to refine Chundan on his own.
Now Kuchundan in the grocery store, including the 300 boxes that have been delivered to Yue Gaole, are all refined by Yang Laotou.
Yang Lao-tou refined thousands of boxes at most, and Hua Zhen did his own thing. It is impossible to regard his old man’s house as a tool for refining medicine forever.
At present, the refining of this batch of Chundan has reached the five-flavor elixir. With the help of the nine-turn Zijin furnace array and the wind ring fan array, Hua Zhen can’t repair the roots
Even if the prescription can be made, it needs to be improved, otherwise the raw materials are not enough. Can he improve the prescription in one year and refine it by himself?
Some time ago, I did my best to make a new alliance, and I should also pay close attention to my own cultivation or study progress.
Now that Shire has grown into a qualified leader of the new alliance, the new alliance allied forces liberated Banda city in the south and consolidated the base area, Shire’s goal must be to liberate the whole country of Guinea.
At present, the new alliance has controlled one-third of Guinea’s territory and one-seventh of its population. It seems that the advantage is not obvious yet, but Hua Zhen is very clear that the overall situation has been decided
As a pseudo-modern country with the nature of tribal alliance, the advantages of establishing order from the political, economic and military perspectives are crushing. Once the situation is broken, it is simply a blow to the old forces.
Shire plans to liberate the whole country of Guinea in three years, but Li Jingzhi and others believe that it can’t be so long without external intervention, saying that skyshatter is the total population of a provincial territory and a second-tier city in the East.
Charles, that’s the goal. What about Hua Zhen?
The two people in Sanhu Restaurant have reached a tacit understanding that the goal of Shire is to liberate the whole country to the south; And Hua Zhen’s goal is to build a planned real country to the north. He dreams of a country.
From the realistic conditions, what Huazhenhang has to do is much more difficult than that of Shire, which requires much investment.
Through recent experience, I especially witnessed that the three brothers’ trip to Hua Zhen by Sanhu Town was also a white matter.