It seems that no relatives and friends died in Ye Fan because of the Sun nationality, and the big disciple killed them after suffering losses.

Lu Chen feels that his mentality has become a little old and not as heavy as before after the dark turmoil of burial.
"Lu Xiong’s pattern is extraordinary, and it is different when he arrives at the quasi-emperor’s territory."
Xia Yiming said with emotion
"It is said that after the ancient emperor became a Taoist, he never made trouble with his enemies in the past. Brother Liu has great courage. Maybe this life can really become a Taoist."
Demon Moon also praised that it was not flattering, but that he really felt that the man in front of him had a great chance to prove that he was the youngest prospective emperor in history after all.
"Master … did you leave a mark on them …"
A small stubborn son aside leisurely way let is accepting compliments Liu Chen look stiff.
"What are you talking about?"
Liu Chen flicked his forehead.
Oh, he did leave a mark and wanted to see the ancestral land of the Sun nationality.
Even if you can’t find the old sun, you can still keep sustainable development. Who will you rob after killing?
Small stubborn son injustice Baba clutching his forehead muttered "master as if left …"
With the passage of time, more and more people rushed to the Jiang family, and many saints came to the DPRK. The scene of Jiang Taixu’s departure made Tianqunxiong feel that the Jiang family was really blessed.
But most of the saints were rejected. Today, Lu Chen met an old friend.
In the end, more and more people came to Tiancun, all of whom were brought here by the Black Emperor to experience, but now they can’t find their way home.
"Lu Shibo … Huahua was crossed by Xumishan"
After three rounds of drinking, Ye Pupil was depressed, and it was his younger brother Ye Fan who brought the monk from the earth, and it was possible that the ancient Buddha would be reincarnated.
He has been hesitant to say that because Liu Chengen doesn’t know that flowers are flowers, Ye Fandi is also a nephew of Liu Chenshi.
He told Liu Chen about the affair. Liu Chen pretended to be the first to hear about it and frowned. "There is such a thing …"
After reading the original, of course, he knows how to tell the truth, even if he doesn’t save Huahua, the young monk Xumishan is nourishing it.
Besides not eating meat and flowers, I stare at the little nun in Xumi Mountain every day …
Is leaf pupil since the mouth, he also can’t pretend not to know "that I will take a trip later"
"Thank you guys and … and Tiancun Silver Blood Double Emperor, that is, Erma them."
Leaf pupil surprise way
Liu Chen with the wave, "What’s the trouble?"
Ye Pupil shook his head. "It’s really gone. The double emperor was detained by the royal family of Taikoo."
Lu Chen got up and took a sip of wine, and pointed out that the meat of the Great Sage of the Sun would be cut together like a knife and handed to Xiao Nian ‘er to "help the teacher bake golden yellow and then go back."
People are shocked to see this posture. Does Lu Chen want to leave for the West Desert Sumeru Mountain now?
It’s a mysterious place, and many people in Mount Sumi have fallen through the ages.
Even though Lu Chen is now a quasi-emperor, he has just broken into this realm after more than two hundred years of cultivation, right?
The belief of all beings in Sumi Mountain is blessed, and there is Amitabha, the great emperor. The soldiers are led by the Great Sage, and even the prospective emperor may have to admit it.
"Master …"
Xiao Nian ‘er opened her mouth. She wanted to persuade her not to save her, but to take a long-term view, such as borrowing two imperial soldiers and envoys first.
But I’m afraid that this discouragement means falling down on the master.
On the ground, Xiao Jinlong looked up at Lu Chen, which means is it delicious?
"Brother Liu, I can come with you."
Jiang Yi flew out, and now the Lord of the Ginger Family naturally mobilized Hengyu Furnace.
Liu Chen smiled and shook his head. "It’s just Mount Sumi. It needs soldiers."
There is a strong self-confidence in men, as if they were natural enemies.
Lu Chen waved the little golden dragon that was ready to move and pressed it to Beidou Little Golden Dragon. It’s better to keep a low profile and not be stared at by the ancient gods.
Of course, it will be easier for him to take the Hengyu furnace, but Jiang Yifei is just the Lord and not the real owner. Although Jiang Jia is close to him, he will not easily provoke Sumi Mountain. He doesn’t want Jiang Yifei to be difficult.
And he’s not crazy. For Ye Fan, it’s hard to go to the original. A few emperors and soldiers helped a lot of old friends to get in, but now he does come and go freely.
The belief of all beings in Xumishan Mountain will not be easily activated. That is to save it for "sending" to Chengxian Road.
But in the face of some emperor array tattoo an emperor soldier, he can handle it completely.
The quasi-emperor and the Great Sage are two realms. It is impossible for the Great Sage to beat the quasi-emperor with the emperor’s soldiers unless the emperor’s soldiers recover independently.
In fact, Amitabha the Great is a real good man, and the emperor and soldier are also very good, and he will not fight hard with others because of this matter of detaining others’ disciples.
Otherwise, if the magic pestle is revived, it is impossible for Ye Fan to take away the flowers in the original work. Finally, the magic pestle persuaded the Great Sage of Moke to put the flowers back.
Of course, the residents of the Big Dipper don’t know what Lu Chen is thinking. When they see the majesty of the Emperor Road, the star is once again mighty, and the red bridge and the west desert suddenly turn pale.
A monk with a scar on his face flies out of Mount Sumi, where he is now the Great Sage of Moke.
Fighting against Buddha has disappeared inexplicably. I’m afraid I stepped on the ancient road of Xing, but now Mount Sumi has changed hands, otherwise this will not happen.
"Amitabha benefactor came to my Mount Sumi?"
The Great Sage Moko folded his hands and made a Buddha ceremony. Although he was fierce, he really had the charm of a monk.
"Let my nephew Hua Hua go and force others. Is this the Buddhism of Xumishan?"
Lu Chen’s simple and direct way did not directly start work.
"There is no flower donor in Sumi Mountain, please go back."
Mo ke da sheng light way
"Really, I dare not start work at Sumiyama?"
Liu Chen frowned. "Let people go!"