"How is this possible?" Yin Xiaotian’s whole body was shaking. Not only did he witness the scene in front of him, but the players couldn’t believe it.

People are surprised that they can’t speak, and the psychological shock is like a wave, which is constantly tumbling and rolling, and the shock is filled with all people’s hearts.
"Son of a bitch, what did you do to my brother? I’m going to kill you." The most emotional thing is Yin Xiaotian’s suspicion that at the first sight of the figure, they were beaten to death.
The fifth person in Zhongzhou’s combat power list is so flustered that he is twisted in his hand. It is hard to imagine such a scene. But that guy claims that he can’t kill Xiaoqiang. If he doesn’t die, he will fight again and again, but now his hands and feet are broken.
Look at that guy behind him. Aren’t they the ones who think they’re going to die?
Moreover, the green venom in his front hand and the mucus on his arm were also surprised to disappear. He was hit by the Five Kings fist in the front, and there were no signs of injury except the broken clothes.
No wonder people react like that at first sight.
"He’s not dead."
"How is it possible to beat Yin deficiency like that?" Followed by silent shine, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the scene in front of me.
Even the silent and thoughtful words on the side showed a very shocking face. Although she expected this man to be alive and what he could do, the thought of his face made five brothers sneer at their own ideas, but now he has forgotten the dust and stood like a king in the trunk as she expected. He was so dazzling at that moment.
"I’ll kill you."
Yin Xiaotian suddenly broke out and the whole person was surrounded by a gorgeous color. He suddenly rose to the sky and almost forgot where the dust was.
But forgetting dust suddenly screwed up his brother’s body and stood in Yin Xiaotian’s way. Yin Xiaotian was furious. "I’m going to cut you to pieces."
"Xiaotian, don’t come here. This guy is not you."
"Boom" words haven’t finished. Forget the dust. One punch has hit Yin Xiaotian. He was shot down to the ground from a high moment, leaving a deep pit mark.
Forgetting the dust showed indifference and decisiveness, which made the players present stare blankly at his gloomy face and could not help but think of the devil. This guy is a cold-blooded devil.
"younger brother"
Just then, a hot and sexy figure flew out of the crowd. When she recognized that the man injured by the explosion was in flames, the fire dance was surrounded by flames.
She was furious, her sexy body was burning up instantly, and a strong heat wave rose into the sky, forgetting the dust and confronting each other.
"Did you kill him?" Jiao asked with a strong murderous look. People were surprised to see the scene before them, only to remember that this woman is also a famous figure in Zhongzhou Power List, and her power is burning in flames.
Forget the dust, look at the fire dance and answer "I killed it"
"Then you go to hell."
"Yan prison"
The flame suddenly surrounded Forgotten Dust and formed a powerful flame barrier, which surrounded Forgotten Dust. Yin Xiaotian climbed out of the ground and shouted, "Fire Dance, do you want to kill my eldest brother?"
How can I hear the angry fire dance? She wants to kill Forget Dust now, but the fire dance seems to forget that his brother wants to kill Forget Dust.
"When you hit me, whether you are a woman or not, I won’t show mercy because this is a fight", but Forgot Dust didn’t explain that a fight is a fight.
"You give me ashes." The fire dance once again rebuked an inflammation prison. After the formation of the prison, both hands manipulated the fire and drank "inflammation explosion" greatly.
There was a loud noise, and the flames went up into the sky, and the flames were burning high, vowing to melt the forgotten dust into ashes.
However, there was a sudden explosion in the flame, and people clearly saw the forgotten dust coming out of the flame and coming to the front of the fire dance. "I said that even if a woman starts fighting, I will not show mercy."
Say that finish, bang, the power strikes again, and the fire dance hits the ground with a palm, but forgetting the dust, after all, facing the woman or showing mercy did not kill her, but injured her.
People looked up to forget the dust, and the eyes were full of unspeakable shock. The man stood on a high edge and was released with the fire.
cutting edge
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Deterrence
Galway can burn out the flame and shine on the forgotten body, which is as dazzling as the divine light, so that people can look directly at the man’s edge.
Cold face flying with the wind, shabby white robe and messy hair, I have to admit that this man is so dazzling
The fire dance was beaten to the ground with only minor injuries. Of course, she didn’t recognize how strong she was. She knew that the other party had shown mercy, but it made the fire dance even more angry.
Twin peaks tremble and fluctuate. She angrily refers to forgetting the dust. "You bastard!" Be merciful to forget the dust. In the fire dance, it is an insult to this girl. She is ready to forget the dust again and fight to the death.
But at this moment, someone is faster than him, that is, Yin Xiaotian, and he is going to take back the lack of money in his hand.
Seeing that he was angry and killed and forgot the dust, this time he actually made a strange move. He threw Yin deficiency to Yin Xiaotian. Yin Xiaotian was half stunned but reacted randomly and immediately returned to the ground. "Come and have a big doctor to save my brother. The reward is one million!"
It’s no small matter to break one’s hand and foot. If you treat it from time to time, even death can’t be recovered, so Yin deficiency will become a waste.
"Don’t worry, I just temporarily disabled his hands and feet. It’s not as serious as you think. It was because he wanted to kill me that I was forced to do it."
"To be honest, my purpose is to get seven colored glazed flowers. This is what I promised someone to kill. It is not my intention, and at least for the time being, I intend to avenge your families in Zhongzhou." If you stop fighting like this, it will turn into a family war sooner or later. If you forget the dust and continue to kill it, he will not be afraid, but then things will be too complicated
And it’s a glass flower dispute, not like it ruined the original plan. He came to Zhongzhou because he thought about language alone.
"Hum, what do you mean? Does my brother deserve to die?" Fire burning adamant4 said
"Ha ha, you also know that it is good to fight with coloured glaze flowers. Do you think you will win this battle? ?” Bai Yunfei is not angry. Is this guy trying to send families back in a few words? This is simply an idiotic dream.
Regardless of silent sunny little dragon hasn’t made moves yet, even if Forget Dust has shown amazing strength, it’s a sure thing if they kill Forget Dust together. It’s naturally impossible to solve this matter now.
Other families also think so, especially the Yin family’s fierce fire family. How can it stop there? Yin deficiency is that his hand fell and the fire burned and died in his hand. How can the Tuoba family and Bai Gudi be willing to be given seven-color glazed flowers by a person with no history? Moreover, they mainly forget the dust and have no identity. If they quit, wouldn’t it be an embarrassment to the people around them?
"You almost killed my brother want us to take? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s naive of you not to think about it. If you only say one word, what will heaven and man think of our five families in Zhongzhou! !” Yin Xiaotian, this guy’s mind is very unusual, and he is full of confidence when he speaks, and he is also the champion of the five families in Zhongzhou. Although they fight constantly, they are all on the same front when there are foreign enemies.
Sure enough, his words immediately aroused the hatred of all people, and they turned their eyes to Forget Dust and saw that they had unified their goals. Forget Dust frowned slightly, but then he released the heinous murder.
Cold and stern said, "first of all, please make it clear that I don’t want you to be enemies of each family. It doesn’t mean that I am afraid of you! ! !”
"I don’t want to increase casualties and you are not too overbearing and cruel, are you? Fire burning and yin deficiency want to kill me and win seven-color glazed flowers. What if I fight back and defend myself and kill them? "
"Maybe Xu state officials set fire to forbid people to light a lamp, so your five families can decide others’ life and death, and others can be you staying in the lamb? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Are you kidding? He’s in my hand now. If something happens, you can bring it. I’ll see what’s wrong with you, but this time I won’t be as kind as before! " As he spoke, Forgetdust took out the seven-color glazed flowers, and his tone became extremely bad, and he also released a certain murder. He wanted to build momentum, but if he really wanted to continue to evolve, Forgetdust wouldn’t mind turning this place into a massacre! ! !
It’s slaughter! ! !
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You are arrogant enough. I want to see what you dare to do with our five families!" Yin Xiaotian continues to pull up hatred, but he has to admit that forgetting the dust makes sense, but so what? This is their aristocratic power.
Although the words of forgetting dust have resonated with many people, they are still unmoved by the five families. If they are retreating, they will be underestimated by forgetting dust.
"Called the fire family brother recently I will be interesting to see you this guy what’s the matter! !”
"Mom, the two sisters’ kisses are big ye." Rio Tinto’s flying fish and Rio Tinto’s flying sickle immediately joined the surrounding family brothers to ask them to appear at the top of the coloured glaze tree in the shortest time.
Although the word "forget the dust" has played a deterrent role, it has even stimulated the hatred of each family. As expected, things have developed in the direction he least wants to see.
"Sister, this" thing has started to develop out of control in the direction they thought before, but it was a little flustered at the moment, perhaps because of forgetting the dust.
At this moment, Mo Qingyi frowned and stared at the man who wanted to help him so much. Mo Qingyi came out at this moment. "Can you listen to me?"
Silent thinking language openings attracted people’s attention.