The six light beams disappeared with one hand. Although the six light beams disappeared in an instant, the Minotaur smashed out another ninth-order skill, but it was only one second, but it had already made the minotaur who was locked in the target avoid a blow. The Minotaur roared, "I didn’t expect you to destroy me and attack me many times!"

As he roars, Gao Chen suddenly feels as if a mountain is as big as a locomotive. There is no doubt that this is another ninth-order skill, and at the same time, Gao Chen once again smashed a trapped spell, and the horse’s starting skill was greatly moved, but the effect of the big moving skill has not yet appeared. Gao Chen suddenly felt that he was slammed and then unified!
Ding, your death resurrection ring takes effect. Is it resurrected now?
Death itself died like this, and the trapped spell didn’t work! When the unified display sounded, Gao Chen suddenly felt black at the moment, and then he couldn’t see anything. It was very difficult to accept the fact that he had ten levels of energy shield and ten levels of magic defense, but he was still killed. It was a second kill to kill himself. How far did Gao Chen run in the strange game, but in the face of this situation, could he run? And is he alive now? If the horse is alive, there is no doubt that waiting for himself will be the second kill!
"Brother Gao, be careful!" At the same time, the minotaur and Gao Chen pushed the instantaneous Yang Yufeng and shouted, and then rushed over, but it was too late. The minotaur made the phantom buffalo hit Gao Chen instantly, and then saw that Gao Chen’s body was hit by the virtual shadow, and then every step became transparent until the virtual shadow disappeared at the same time, just like Gao Chen had never appeared in this world!
Gao Chen was hit by the virtual shadow, and at the same time, six golden beams appeared around the minotaur. He Gao Chenji was trapped at the same time, and the instantaneous minotaur had a meal. It was one second, but at this point, hundreds of attacks smashed his body. The spell was not ineffective, but it was one second late! …
Although this is his field, because his field is not complete, and he is not familiar with it, this blow can actually make him seriously injured. If Gao Chen can see his health value fall to 10%, he will roar and then a ninth-order skill will appear again!
"Fengdong Yu!" At this time, suddenly an angry minotaur sounded, and at the same time, the wind energy in the minotaur field actually gathered quickly. This is the root, so it is impossible for him to control all the elements in this field, which makes others attack him pitifully low. But at this time, the wind energy in the field was actually gathered by opponents!
Minotaur doubt turned around and saw that it was Yang Yufeng. Seeing that his sword seemed to scroll all the wind energy in heaven and earth, Yang Yufeng roared with anger and hit the minotaur! A minotaur skill has been issued, and his target is of course those who hurt him in the ninth order, and this is still a group skill!
The root won’t react. The minotaur was stabbed by Yang Yufeng’s sword. Suddenly all the wind energy entered the minotaur’s body from the tip of the sword like finding the outlet water!
"Bang" a loud noise minotaur was chopped away for a kilometer, and Yang Yufeng was even worse. Although he reduced the minotaur’s health by five percent again, the price he paid was that he had no energy now, and his ninth-order strong man was the minotaur’s group skill and weight injury!
His field can not only attack the elements of heaven and earth, but also defense. Without the support of heaven and earth, their defense will be no less than seriously injured by a group skill department!
"It actually hurt me. You all have to die with that little guy!" The minotaur’s eyes turned red and gave off a bloodthirsty light, a cruel and resentful voice!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Detonating explosive crystal
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Detonating explosive crystal
Although the minotaur now has 5% life, the remaining life of the ninth order of Fengshen Valley at this time is not much, and it is still in the minotaur field. It can be said that he can completely destroy these people, but at this time, a virtual shadow suddenly flashed in the place where Gao Chen died, and this virtual shadow appeared in a flash!
Ding, the resurrection ring takes effect. Life is full!
Gao Chen finally chose resurrection, etc. Can’t wait to go to this resurrection ring. The time limit is two minutes, that is to say, if he doesn’t choose resurrection for two minutes, then Gao Chen will die completely. In the game, it is to drop a level and deduct some points to return to the safe area, but this is not a game! Since you have to choose resurrection in two minutes, you have to wait for these two minutes sooner or later!
As soon as Gao Chen was resurrected, he heard the minotaur roar at last. When Gao Chen appeared, it was a trapped spell that smashed the past, and then he moved and started to fly directly behind the minotaur. It took less than a second for Gao Chen to resurrect. When Gao Chen appeared, the minotaur was stunned. His Fengshen Gu Di was also stunned. Isn’t this Gao Chen already dead? Why did it suddenly appear again?
However, with a trapped spell thrown by Gao Chen, others haven’t reacted yet, but Yang Yufeng is a conditioned reflex and generally transports skills to the minotaur! Minotaur one leng Gao Chen a trapped spell smashed up and then disappeared in an instant. The trapped spell power in front of him made him stay for a short time for a second, and then Yang Yufeng attacked. As Yang Yufeng attacked others, it was also the last strength to attack the minotaur.
There will be five lives in vain, minotaur, and the instantaneous life value of these 100 attacks will be clear. At the same time, Gao Chen’s ear will show the sound in a unified way. There is no doubt that this is a big explosion and experience has given Gao Chen a full ten billion. Well, this looks a lot, but compared with what Gao Chen needs to upgrade now, the difference is too big!
There are too many spars left! But at this time, Gao Chen didn’t go to check these hundreds of nine-order health values at this time, but there was not much left. Gao Chen first started the skill and then went to the group therapy one by one, and everyone recovered quickly. Then he was busy asking Gao Chen!
"It’s great that you’re still alive and I’ll pay you back!" Yang Yufeng was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. Others were busy asking. After all, they saw Gao Chen being hit by fly ash!
"Well, I just avoided his attack. Now we should consider what to do with the remaining nine. One can kill us to death, but there are still nine left." Gao Chen’s busy death made him jumpy, but for the resurrection ring, he would have really died this time, and this is not a game, and the price is not a downgrade!
"Since we can kill one, we can kill the remaining nine. What is there to be afraid of?" One of the nine orders came out and said, I can see that he is very excited now, and he is also the ninth order to kill the tenth order. However, there has never been anything to say that they have made history in the 100 thousand-year history of the science of uniting!
"Don’t be so optimistic. Although I have healed your wounds, I can kill them one by one, but there are still nine and a half hours left, five minutes have passed, and 25 minutes will kill five, but four will come out together. How can we fight at that time?" Looking at that mouth, the ninth-order strong Gao Chen said with a serious face that he was not so optimistic, and the tenth-order strong field was too strong! …
"Uh, this!" When asked by Gao Chen, the team shed a cold sweat. Yes, even if they can kill one by one, what should they do if the remaining four appear together? It is the one that has already made them almost annihilate the group. They dare not imagine the result together!
"Brother Gao, what do you think we should do? Many words "Yang Yufeng looked at Gao Chen and asked, although Gao Chen’s strength is the order of one week, it is undeniable that Gao Chen got much more than him in the process of killing the tenth-order minotaur, the ninth-order nine planets strong!
"Don’t worry about so much, you can kill one and count one." What can you do at this time? Do you want to do it first or destroy a few? It’s a big deal. Finally, you take their department to hide in your own shop, which exposes your secrets, but you can’t watch them killed!
"In this case, let’s do it!" Yang Yufeng gnashed his teeth and said, this is also something that can’t be done beforehand. No one thought that this time the alien would come to arrange ten ninth-order trials to break through and let them face the tenth-order strong directly!
It turns out that the tenth-order strong people are not so easy to kill, but the more they break through the back, the higher their strength will be. Up to now, there are still two minutes before half an hour. So far, they have killed six aliens, but they have killed four, that is to say, in two minutes, they have to face six tenth-order strong people and finish six tenth-order strong people!
Although there is Gao Chen’s cure, death is still inevitable. More than a dozen ninth-order strong people have died. After Gao Chen cured all the wounded, Yang Yufeng looked pale and said, "Brother Gao seems to have no choice now!"
"Yeah, six tenth orders, don’t say start work, they can crush us in the field!" A face with some sad interface, Gao Chen has been thinking about what to do. He can kill these six tenth orders, that is, the power of skill crystal eleventh order ice and snow is far from just breaking through to the tenth order.
But if you really make this skill, the whole trial site will be turned into death, even all Fengshen Gudi are no exception! When everyone was at a loss, Yang Yufeng suddenly got up and said with a somewhat decisive face, "I have an idea!"
"Brother Yang, what can you do?" When listening to Yang Yufeng’s words, others are busy and ask questions, and they think they are catching the last straw!
"self-explosion!" Yang Yu wind expression mouth way!
"What blew itself up!" Others looked at Yang Yufeng with a face of shock and disbelief!