Chen Yan hasn’t found a way to cultivate a normal soul and consciousness.

Cultivating new souls and consciousness seems to have violated the taboo of heaven. No matter how Chen Yan deduces, he can’t succeed.
Chen Yan’s implantation of "artificial intelligence" has cultivated a new consciousness without the slightest evil breath, but in this way it seems to be full of craftsmanship and less aura.
Xu Huai’s reality will become like a puppet
Fairy body to forge a puppet?
Arihiko certainly won’t do this.
If he is a complete fairy, a fairy full of spiritual wisdom, with self-personality and soul.
Chen Yan felt that his own way was not enough to understand the true nature of "soul"
Fairy fate conference finally
Xia Huang and Chen Yan looked side by side at Wang Dufang, a thousand immortals and those geniuses who came to ask for fairy fate.
The whole summer world can stand side by side with the emperor Xia Mang, and there may be Chen Yan.
Xia Huang said, "Mr. Chen didn’t expect you to arrange this fairy tale meeting so properly that it was better than my hosting."
Chen Yan smiled modestly and said, "I’m flattered, but I just did what I should do. It’s just that the table looks good and it’s worthless."
Xia Huang shook his head and managed the Fairy Fate Conference in an orderly way. It’s not a good-looking table. Chen Yan is a man of rules. He integrated all the rules into his life and practice, which many true gods and immortals can’t do.
Xia Huang suddenly looked up at the sky.
Chen Yan also felt a strong breath, each of which was pure Yang and true fairy level.
Xia Huang said, "I didn’t invite the immortals when they arrived."
That’s very famous in the fairy three realms.
The sword fairy "Lv Dongbin" is the best.
Lv Dongbin’s swordsmanship attainments can at least rank in the top three among the three pure Yang true immortals.
Lv Dongbin, dressed in a blue robe and carrying a long sword, smiled and said, "Xia Mang Daoyou, we have come uninvited. We hope to see a big summer world fairy tale conference to see if there are peerless wizards born. I wonder if Xia Mangdaoyou can welcome us?"
Xia Mang said, "Dear friends, welcome to Xia Mou."
We’re all here. You can’t do it if you don’t welcome us.
Lv Dongbin looked at Chen Yanxiao and said, "Is this Mr. Chen, the strong Chen Yanxiao who was born in the summer world recently?"
Answered with a smile, "It was Chen Mou who didn’t expect Chen Mou’s name to reach Xianer’s ear, which really honored Chen Mou."
Lv Dongbin said, "Although Mr. Chen is a fairy, his fighting power is stronger than that of ordinary pure Yang and true fairy. You are not a pawn in the three realms. Many ancestors and true gods have heard of your name."
Chen Yan said, "Chen Mou is flattered."
Lv Dongbin said, "It is said that Mr. Chen’s swordsmanship is mysterious, and I, Lv Dongbin, are also practicing swordsmanship. Why don’t we have a sword fight after the meeting?"
Arihiko hesitated and said, "Chen Mou is not a sword fairy."
Lv Dongbin ha ha a smile, "I know that Mr. Chen is not a sword fairy. Your temperament is simple and approachable. You don’t have any sword fairy edge. It’s just that you don’t have to understand kendo."
Chen Yan refused, but he could promise, "That’s good. After the Xianyuan Conference, Chen Mou will talk to Lv Jianxian about it."
Chen Yan has just finished speaking.
Two figures have emerged in the middle.
One of them is a Buddhist bodhisattva.
The other is Di Hao, a man in a dragon robe, who is as emperor as Xia Mang.
Chapter 551 Door gross
Although both Taoism and Buddhism belong to the right path, there is always some disagreement between the two schools. The Bodhisattva is a strong Buddhist who specializes in "Six Harmony and Respect". He sensed that Xia Huang’s face was a little unhappy, but he did not care.
Xia Huang asked, "Di Hao, why are you here?"
Emperor Hao waved a sleeve and said, "I just finished the Great World Fairy Fate Conference. Lv Dongbin insisted that I come to Xiamang Lv Dongbin Sex in the Summer World. You know his face and I always want to give it."
Xia Huang nodded his head.
Lv Dongbin is natural and unrestrained, and likes to show mercy everywhere. His affair with Bai Mudan Xiangu has been all over the world, but it’s even worse. Lv Dongbin is a pure Yang sword fairy, and there are two ancestors behind him to support him.
Xia Huang looked at the general trend bodhisattva again. "General trend, how can you come to my summer world if you are a Buddhist bodhisattva?"
The Summer World is a secret place, but Buddhists are not welcome to come here. There are very few Buddhists in the Summer World.
The Buddha smiled with his hands folded and said, "The monk stopped by here to see."
People who reach out without smiling
The bodhisattvas have come to drive him away, which is too rude. Emperor Xia Mang can’t do such a thing.
Xia Huang appeared in the seat with a wave of his hand, and a good fairy was placed in front of each seat.
"Dear friends, please sit down." Xia Huang said with a smile.
Chen Yan was surprised to see that the Bodhisattva with a smile can make people feel at ease and alert, which makes the Buddhist realm full of stability and peace around him.
Bodhisattva cultivation seems to be ordinary and has the level of pure yang and true fairy, but Yan Yan knows that this is a real trend. Bodhisattva is stronger than Di Hao, Xia Huang and Lv Dongbin.
One of the Bodhisattvas Chen Yan has seen before is Guanyin Bodhisattva.
Guanyin Bodhisattva is a golden fairy.
At that time, Chen Yan could not see through the depth of Guanyin Bodhisattva before he was a fairy root.
Now that his spiritual cultivation has reached the state of "breaking", Yang Zhenxian, who is full of fighting power, will certainly compare him with Guanyin Bodhisattva when he meets the general trend bodhisattva Chen Yan.
Chen Yan draws a conclusion through observation that Guanyin Bodhisattva may be stronger, because Chen Yan now dares to fight against the trend Bodhisattva. It is hard to say whether it will be won or not, but if he returns to the Westward Journey world to fight Guanyin Bodhisattva, Chen Yan has no chance of winning.
Chen Yan observes the general trend Bodhisattva, and the general trend Bodhisattva also observes Chen Yan.
Chen Yan’s cultivation of mind is based on Confucianism, but Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism have long been combined. It is really difficult to tell the difference between Confucianism and Buddhism.
For example, Confucian self-denial and self-cultivation are the same thing as Buddhist precepts.
The general trend bodhisattva smiled at Chen Yanxiao and said, "The Taoist friendship and pure spiritual thoughts are rare among the great Buddhist people. Except for the Buddha, I have seen that the spiritual thoughts of the Bodhisattva Diksitigarbha are more pure than the Taoist friends. It seems that the Taoist friends know my Buddhist methods very well. If there is a general trend, I hope to discuss Buddhism with the Taoist friends."
Xia Huang, they are all surprised. Is Chen Yan still proficient in Buddhism? They are all resistant to Buddhism.
Chen Yan has no resistance to learning. If it is beneficial, he will learn.